Kind of Red

And so it continues.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have never had the top overall draft pick, never moved up in the draft lottery and more often than not, they’ve fallen short of their projected draft position. Of course those familiar with the team’s history can tell you that odds were also in favor of management making the wrong choice, but such cynicism wouldn’t be congruent with the facts. The higher the pick, the more likelihood for success. Sometimes it’s impossible not to make the right choice.

This was supposed to be one of those times. In fact, this had to be one of those times. The promise of John Wall or Evan Turner was necessary not only for the Wolves to entice reluctant free agents, but a reluctant draft pick they already own the rights to. It didn’t happen. Having ‘secured’ the fourth pick in a draft with only two players of real consequence, the Wolves find themselves in yet another precarious position with no choice but to trust the man who drafted three point guards last year.

David Kahn remains the butt of countless jokes, but it’s yet to be seen if his wry smile is merely indicative of deluded confidence or a man who will truly get the last laugh. Hopefully it’s the latter. Before last night’s lottery Kahn made no assurances that he wouldn’t select Wall if given the chance, a continuation of his ‘best player available’ strategy. A strategy that actually makes sense if you can hear yourself think over all the laughter. This team needs to collect as many assets as possible. Assets that provide options leading to the acquisition of not the best players available, but the players needed to make this system work.

Right now he doesn’t have many options. Trading up? Trading the pick altogether? Trading his best player? Trading his best young prospect? Trading his other prospect who hasn’t even crossed the Atlantic yet? Each could prove to be penny wise and pound foolish, but he has to do something and soon. July 1st is rapidly approaching and if he can’t ‘secure’ a suitable talent in the draft, finagle another cap clearing trade or discover compromising pictures of LeBron James then he’s going to learn very quickly what it’s like to be a Wolves fan. Dependent on a lottery you can’t win, flush with cash you can’t convince anyone to take and stockpiled with assets that will eventually go for 20 cents on the dollar.

At this point, idle speculation is useless. But prayer couldn’t hurt.

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  1. In my opinion, this most-recent lottery screwing hasn’t changed the process.*

    In the absence of John Wall falling into our laps, and likely even if he had, the #1 priority remains “Get Rubio.” That should be Kahn’s sole objective. He should call Ricky up and ask him who he thinks we should draft, because there is no person under the Wolves control that is more important to the franchise’s future than the young Spaniard.

    *copyright Dayton Moore (cringe)

  2. He must package those picks and move back to the #2 slot and pick Evan Turner. Too bad we have to spend those picks to get back to our rightful spot but that is the flawed NBA draft lottery that we must live by. A system in which you have the highest percentage of moving down then staying put or moving up. It seems like the only teams that get penalized in the lottery are the teams that deserve a top pick the most. Just sickening!

    1. I wonder, though, if he can package those picks without having to a) also take on some terrible salary or b) ship out one of our core? And is Evan Turner worth that?

  3. Yeah, you’re probably right. And it would probably be both A. and B., knowing the T-wolves ability to trade. Plus, you have to factor in that Evan Turner will only be a bust if we are able to move up and pick him. And then the two picks that we trade away will become superstars for other teams.

  4. Is there a way to give this pick to the Clippers (as part of the Cassel/Jaric deal)? If we don’t, they get our 1st pick next year, correct? If that is the case, that would be the one time the T-wolves get the first pick and we will be screwed again….. 🙁

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