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Phil Miller of the Star-Tribune reports, right here, on David Kahn’s and Kurt Rambis’s attempts to sweet-talk Ricky Rubio and family in Barcelona. And although Rubio’s buyout and voyage to the NBA is still more than a year away, everybody is apparently  smitten:

“Rubio was impressed with Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis when they met for the first time last week, and the 19-year-old point guard told friends that ‘he can envision playing for Kurt’…Rubio, taken fifth overall in last June’s draft, had dinner with Rambis, Kahn and Rubio’s father, Esteve, in Barcelona late last week, and ‘Kurt and Ricky hit it off right away,’ Kahn said.”

Is anyone else feeling a “Millionaire Matchmaker” vibe? Here’s the best part:

“Asked to describe himself as a player, Rubio said, ‘A player who wants to make people happy with his play on the court … a colorful, attractive, spectacular basketball player.'”

Wow, that sounds great. When asked to describe myself as a blogger, I often think for a moment and then reply, “you know, I think of myself a colorful, attractive, spectacular blogger.” Just want to make people happy.

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