In Memoriam: NBA.com Remembers A Totally Living/Active Player

I was perusing the videos on NBA.com, as I tend to do when I’m trying to avoid doing any actual work, and I came across this video about Kevin Garnett.

A few things were just stunning/wildly entertaining to me from this video:

1) I was stunned at how depressed the end of the video made me. Like many Wolves fans, KG is my favorite player of all time. I celebrate his entire catalog. I think KG has a couple more years in him. The last two years were somewhat telling of what’s to come but at the same time, he’s not AS broken down as some people (Lakers, Magic, Cavs fans) assume. The injury took a lot out of him last season but he’s also bounced back a lot better than most assumed he even could. Let’s not start writing his obituary just yet.

2) I forgot how much his physical appearance has changed. He looked like a completely different person in 15 years and it’s not just the facial hair.

3) I forgot Mark Blount ever played for the Wolves until I saw KG giving him a piggy-back ride after that game-winner. Sometimes, you just want to forget certain things.

4) I loved the footage of KG in his confusingly plaid shorts going one-on-one with Sam Mitchell. I miss those two together.

5) It’s probably a once in a generation kind of thing but I miss the constant flow of emotion from a player. You can’t expect just anybody to have that. Kevin Love will never have that. Al Jefferson will never have that. Oleksiy Pecherov will never have that. And I don’t expect them to either. It’s just so rare that it was fun to relive, if only for three minutes and ten seconds.

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  1. Nothing would make me happier than to see KG win another title. The trade would have hurt even worse if he went to the Celtics and did nothing. This is what it was for, this is why it’s not all in vain. It was for championships and he deserves them. He’s EARNED them. Of course I wish it could have happened in a Wolves uniform. But it wasn’t going to happen. We missed our one window (2004). Ownership and management was just to inept. He could battle everyone he faced on the court but couldn’t do anything about his own front office. Blunder after blunder after blunder (too many to list).

    So go get it Big Ticket! One more win… everyone in Minny is pulling for ya!

  2. See that’s what I miss, being a 14 year old boy going to those intense 2003-04 games and loving every bit of it. KG is a beast, that I don’t think another guy to put a Minnesota uniform will ever have!

  3. Hey – quality write-up. So I have finally figured out this whole preposterous Lebron James catastrophe. What a joke! 1st, Lebron fakes an injury and purposefully chokes in the playoffs so that this would be an easy decision. Then they create a total media circus with it all so that everyone in the country is totally sick of it. After that, this moron gets on TV in front of the entire country to stab his hometown fans backs for an hour, simultaneously ticking off all other big cities except Miami, so that he can try to win on Dwayne Wade’s team! Talk about BAD marketing! Anyway… slick blog… I’m subscribed to your feed now so thanks again!

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