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“You’ll never make me stay, so take your weight off of me. I know your every move, so won’t you just let me be. I’ve been here times before, but I was too blind to see that you’ll seduce every man, this time you won’t seduce me. You’re saying, “That’s okay, hey baby do what you please. I have the stuff that you want. I am the thing that you need…

Michael Jackson has been dead for a year now. His final days were spent embroiled in controversy and haunted by questionable decisions, but his contributions to the cultural landscape remain unparalleled. Plainly put, the man knew how to make hits.

David Kahn has been at the helm of our moribund franchise for a year now. Last night, in his first draft since being spurned by mop topped phenom Ricky Rubio, he had another chance for his first hit. In my humble, jaded, yet honest opinion, he failed.

  • Pick 4: Wesley Johnson, SF, Syracuse
  • Pick 16: Luke Babbit, SF, Nevada*
  • Pick 23: Trevor Booker, PF, Clemson**
  • Pick 45: Paulao Prestes, C, Brazil

*traded to Portland along with Ryan Gomes in exchange for Martell Webster

**traded to Washington along with Pick 56, Hamadi N’diaye in exchange for Pick 30, Lazar Hayward and Pick 35 Namanja Bjelcia

The dream of Evan Turner proved to be just that, the specter of an unhinged DeMarcus Cousins was apparently unbearable, Al Jefferson’s trade value depreciates with every rumor and we are now the proud owners of a 22 year old lottery pick with a skill set that duplicates our most coveted-and attainable-free agent.

Plainly put, this is just……Bad.

I’ll be back later with some thoughts from my compatriots who may be a bit more optimistic than I am.

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4 thoughts on “Neverland

  1. I don’t think this is as bad as you’re playing it up to be. Webster, Brewer, and Johnson will all play at the SG and SF spot. Webster can shoot, Brewer is an imporved shooter and Johnson can shoot. Plus they all should play solid defense. Shooting and D were our biggest short comings last year. We helps solidfy imporovments at both last night. Plus Kahn didn’t give Al away for an expiring contract, he knows he is worth more than that.

    The dream of Evan Turner wasn’t worth taking on Elton Brand’s awful contract. Al and the #4 for Turner and Brand’s 3 year/51 millioin owed wasn’t worth it.

    Al’s value will go up as the big free agents pick their spots this summer

    Gomes wasn’t worth the 14 million we would’ve paid for him if we kept him. His contract has an out clause come June 30th.

  2. Well, it was only fitting that the day MJ, (not the great Jordan), died last year was the same day the Shaq trade to Cleveland, a questionable move by the jobless Ferry, happened. Now, a year later, Wolves fans are laying in their beds knowing we screw up a chance at superstars (Turner, Favors, both guys we should have traded for, & Cousins, a guy who should have been drafted before Johnson). The make-or-break season that we had in our laps was suppose to excel us towards the future and now it looks like another cold season at the Target Center. I was also a supporter of Kahn before this, I thought he knew something about the Rubio/Flynn situation that happened last year that we didn’t but now I know it was out of his idiocy and not his genius. With caproom that looked plentiful, Gay was the only player who the Wolves could realistically get – now that looks far-fetched! Well, the future will hold yet another bad season for the Wolves but now we could get Harrison Barnes, the likely number one pick in next year’s draft, who has a game like Kobe and is a really bright talent (also from Iowa too, so he’s close to home!)

  3. There is no point in hoping that we’ll get the number 1 pick next year because, if I’m not mistaken, we owe our first round pick to the Clippers. This team is completely doomed thanks to stupid moves by our brain dead GMs over the past decade.

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