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Nice Dreams

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It’s on, homies. The Timberwolves our right now facing the biggest night of the post-KG era. Lets not fool ourselves with predictions or pipe dreams. The truth is, nobody knows what’s going to happen. All we can do is allow the questions to loll about in our heads, to face that essentially Timberwolvian sensation of overwhelming dread mixed with faint hope.

The immediate questions: is New Jersey serious about Wesley Johnson, or is David Kahn just getting royally played? Is Al Jefferson seeing his final sunrise as a T-Wolf? and if so, will the Wolves parlay the moody Mississippian into another top-1o pick, or a coveted young veteran like Rudy Gay or Danny Granger (or, more troubling, just another salary dump)?

And the long-term questions: did Demarcus Cousins, by multiple measures the most productive player in college basketball last year, do so badly on his psychological evaluations that four teams, the Wolves included, are willing to pass him by? Just how good will this dude be? And what will Derrick Favors be like when he’s not an 18-year-old boy? And is any of this enough to entice Ricky Rubio?

And finally, the basic, awful question at the heart of it all: will the Wolves ever be done rebuilding?

Myles will be with you tonight. Tomorrow we’ll all try to pick up the pieces. Hold on to your faces.

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0 thoughts on “Nice Dreams

  1. One thing (and this is completely my opinion) that Kahn does which is baffling to me, is this tendency to get a bunch of the same kind of players at once. It is demoralizing to those players because it suggests the GM doesn’t really have faith in any one of them, and it is demoralizing to the fans and team because it suggests the GM isn’t really confident about his own moves so he is hedging and double-hedging. It may be efficient in some moneyball sense, I don’t know. But I think it is bad for morale, and these are still human beings you’re dealing with.

    I mean, if you’re Corey Brewer, Wesley Matthews, Lazar Hayward or Martell Webster today, what are you supposed to think? Your team just got four guys who are basically the same age who do basically the same things and have most of the same strengths and weaknesses. He did this last year too, and I don’t feel like it really helped Flynn, Rubio or Sessions. I don’t know how much it hurt them, but it didn’t help them or their appreciation for the team.

    I give Kahn credit for making moves that have added talent to the team without much cost, but I honestly haven’t the slightest idea if this team is usefully better or is headed in the right direction. It’s like he’s upgraded from producing the 1996 Honda Accord to the 2000 Honda Accord. Is it better? Unquestionably. The problem is, it’s 2010.

  2. Wesley Johnson, my bad. I had Wesley Matthews on the brain because of Hayward being from Marquette.

    You can’t just keep accumulating B-tier talent, Kahn should know from observation that young talent isn’t enough, you need a real core of 2-3 guys. It’s really hard to see what adding a guy like Martell Webster does right after drafting Wesley Johnson. I like both players, but adding both of them is like a solution to somebody else’s problem.

  3. David Kahn is a complete tool…

    Okay, Babbitt, Elliot Williams (even though they already have Jarred Bayless), and Armon Johnson are GREAT picks for the great K-Pritch. As much as I don’t think Gomes is much of a player, he’s a solid true backup SF, and Babbitt is a nice sub for Batum, who now gets locked into big minutes and the Blazer starting SF spot…

    But what the hell is Kahn doing? He goes and picks up Webster who is too streaky to be either a starter or a reliable 6th man, and then trades Babbitt (who was worth way more than Webster as trade bait to package with Big Al— and worse, he essentially traded Babbitt AND last year’s Ty Lawson for Martel friggin Webster! HA!) AND THEN, as an never-ending vote of “No Confidence” in Wesley Johnson, goes and trades for TWO MORE SFs in Hayward, and Bjelica? Wow! What a lunatic… there’s no shortage of jerky franchises in the NBA. Season-ticket holders up there need to DEMAND the firing of David Kahn. Seriously.

  4. Where to start?

    I like Johnson, I’m sure he going to be a fine pro, but at pick 4 you go for the best guy you can get and it most certainly was DeMarcus Cousins. Is this the “player development” club? Are Rambis and Laimbeer incapable of handling an immature hothead?

    We overpayed terribly for Webster. That Gomes contract was more valuable than trading it for a positional upgrade on a position we had just drafted in. And we took on more salary!

    Don’t mind the Washington trade; Hayward was clearly in the plans, but we could have had him at 45 if we wanted. Whiteside?

    And why stash a fourth SF in Europe. Who is already 22?

  5. Kahn is just as much of an idiot as McHale was. I honestly think that I could have drafted better than him, along with many others who probably feel the same way, and I know little about the business behind the game. Another disappointing draft for the wolves.

  6. Also, I didn’t see anything that Kahn did that would inspire Rubio to want to come over and play with the squad that he is putting together.

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