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TrueHoop Network Mock Draft Pick 23: Wolves Select Kevin Seraphin

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With the 23rd pick in the 2010 TrueHoop Network NBA Mock Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Kevin Seraphin out of France.

At this point the Wolves theoretically have Wesley Johnson and Hassan Whiteside in the draft, giving them two nice prospects to develop. These are two guys that can contribute right away for the most part and allow the Wolves to get a little creative with the 23rd pick.

So Seraphin here isn’t really THAT much of a stretch. He’s projected to go around this pick anyway with his potential and for the Wolves he gives them some flexibility with how to develop him. Seraphin is REALLY raw. He’s not going to be able to contribute right away AT ALL. However, the Wolves don’t really need to try to develop another big man right away. They have enough to deal with, in regards to Love, Jefferson and now Whiteside.

Seraphin needs a lot of work too. He’s longer than long. He can probably stand at half court and touch both sidelines with his elastic wingspan. He has really good agility for a man his size (6’10”, 258 lbs) and can get up in the air fairly quickly with his first jump. Seraphin can protect the basket for you. He can trail on the break on and run the floor well to get back on defense. He’ll finish for you inside so we know he’s not an Alexis Ajinca type.

But the question with him is trying to figure out just deep his game is. I’m not sure he can score away from the basket. It’s not even that he doesn’t have the skills to do it (even though he probably doesn’t); it’s more that he doesn’t even know how to approach it. The game can move a little too fast for him as he adjusts to the speed of the higher levels of play. I just mentioned that he blocks shots and protects the rim well but most of that happens only if he happens to be in position. If he’s not in position, don’t expect him to anticipate the play any time soon and know where to rotate on defense.

Like I said, Kevin Seraphin is a project but that’s not a bad thing. The Wolves can stash him in Europe until he’s ready to come over and contribute to the organization. They can send him to the D-League and keep a closer eye on his development. But it’s best not to pass on someone with his size and agility.

With the 23rd pick being your third pick of the first round, that kind of flexibility is très magnifique.

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