Finer Days

So it seems like we’ve hit a bit of a dead calm in this strange off-season. Seems like weeks since we’ve had any puzzling transactions, baffling public statements or furious rumors. In the spirit of turning our minds away from the flux and uncertainty at the heart our current T-Wolves, I thought I’d bring us all back to what is most likely the greatest moment in Wolves history (holler if you disagree):

Uh, wow, Kevin Garnett was unbelievably good. Anyone else remember that?

Also: with all apologies to Kevin McHale’s second-finest hour (the first, of course, being drafting Da Kid himself), that Wolves crew, KG excluded, was really not very good at all. Can you believe that a team that started Ervin Johnson, Trenton Hassell, and an already fading Spree even made it to the playoffs, much less game six of the conference finals? I know that Hassell iced Peja that series and that Spree hit some big shots, but still, that team had no business being as good as they were. Seriously, how freaking amazing was KG? He was at least this amazing:

Maybe even better.

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0 thoughts on “Finer Days

  1. Man, you’re talking about how they got to the conference final? I’m still wondering how they locked up the top seed in a Western Conference that had the Lakers with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton, yeah Shaq and Malone were injured the whole season but still, that’s crazy that we leap frogged them. We even were passed the Spurs, who still had their youth in Ginobli and Duncan and crazy young Tony Parker. Wow, it’s amazing that we did that all with one guy!

    I remembered when the news came in that we got Sprewell and Cassell, I was happy but not too happy! I didn’t think all of that great play would happen throughout that season.

    Key Moment: KG jumping on the scorer’s table…. that got me so hyped to be a Timberwolves fan and here I am now, cold and miserable, sigh!

  2. i also have to throw in the series clincher against denver, too. not the prettiest or star-studded, but it remains memorable to me. it meant we were finally getting out of the first round (!!!).

    that series was fun to watch too: the ubiquitous kg beef (with nene), voshon lenard putting in work (needed some good gopher memories post-ganglehoff), a young melo getting locked down by trenton & friends, and some other ones too (did the big balls dance pop off for cassell in this series??????).

  3. From any rational standpoint, that was the best game in franchise history. And I remember it with joy. I’ll toss in another game as my personal favorite, though: game 3 of the 1998 series against the Sonics, which they won at home after stealing a game in Seattle, and going up 2-1 in the series. I remember Marbury’s post-game joy, mostly, and thinking it was the beginning of something tremendous with him and KG.

  4. That was the last year this team had overachieving role players; guys who gave maximum effort every night and played selflessly. That’s an underrated reason why they won 58 games. Other than that, a season like this shows the value of bringing it every night in the regular season; they won twice at Sacto in the regular season and probably secured that #1 seed through games like that and the 8-game winning streak to end the season. Their style of ball wasn’t always pretty, but what a great atmosphere.

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