New Uniforms: Now With Less Madden Franchise Relocation

The Timberwolves have new uniforms!

Well, they kind of have new uniforms. It’s really just last year’s unis but they’ve been altered to look less like the stuff you’d see when you move the Jacksonville Jaguars to Mexico City in Madden 11. Check out the differences from last year to this year.

I actually really like the subtle touches they’ve done here. Taking the green out is good and the numbers look much better. It looks like a Wolf no longer stenciled this stuff out.

Nice part of the unveiling was they got future (fingers crossed!) Wolves Ricky Rubio and Harrison Barnes to model the new jerseys and shorts:

I haven’t been this excited since the new phone books arrived.

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9 thoughts on “New Uniforms: Now With Less Madden Franchise Relocation

  1. When I hear the word timber I think of green and brown

    When I hear the word wolf I think of red.

    So why are none of these colors in the current uniforms?

    Once again Mr Kahn, you have left me speechless.

  2. Yeah, because Kahn obviously had a big hand in this. The whole uniform thing is run by the business side, not the basketball side.

  3. Yeah I’m bummed that the green is gone…but thank goodness they changed that font. Now that I look at the old font, it’s really dumb.

    This is all pretty trivial though.

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