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SuperCoolGizmo Is Hunting Gremlins

This little tidbit from Jerry Zigoda in the Star Tribune is… well… interesting… to say the least (Via – SLAM Online):

Did you see Beasley walk forward after missing a free throw in each of the team’s first preseason games, tilt his head and glare at the rim?

Well, here’s the story:

“That’s a college job,” said Beasley, who played one season at Kansas State. “Luis Colon was my college center. He’s a big Spanish guy and when big Spanish guys get mad, they start speaking Spanish real fast. Every time he missed, he’d look at the rim and curse the rim out. So every time I miss, I’m trying to get the gremlin off the top of the rim.”

Um… okay…

I think it makes a lot of sense that Beas is looking for Gremlins on the rim. And while this will undoubtedly draw the easy barbs of “what is he smoking now” Beas is just another one of those superstitious types of players. Dwight Howard seems to put a little curse on the ball when he’s hoping an opponent misses a free throw. Plenty of players talk to the ball when they’re frustrated with the way a shot isn’t falling. Hell, Dwyane Wade was talking to his hand last post-season when things were going well.

So I’m not freaked out by the fact that Mike is hunting Gremlins. In fact, I like the idea of getting all that extraneous stuff out of the way so you can focus on the game itself. Everybody thought John Lithgow was insane when he was screaming about a monster on the wing of the plane. Just because we can’t see the Gremlins doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Let’s just remember not to expose Beas to bright lights, get him wet or feed him after midnight. He might be our only hope in fighting off those rim Gremlins and we can’t risk him joining their side.

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0 thoughts on “SuperCoolGizmo Is Hunting Gremlins

  1. Glaring at gremlins isn’t all that bad. Sasha Vujacic licks his fingers and grooms his eyebrows before every free throw. Some championships come at a cost.

  2. Oh my god. I guess it could always be worse. I can’t think of anything more horrible than Sasha licking his fingers and then grooming himself.

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