Wolves waive Thomas and Hart; is this where the dream dies?

Photo by Frank Bonilla

Last season, Jason Hart was the proud holder of one of the sporting imaginarium’s most epic offices: the NBA dude who gets paid five hundred grand to sit behind the bench wearing a suit and clap during timeouts. (Its not quite as good as getting paid $8 million to not ever, ever come anywhere close to even showing up, but that’s in another dimension).  But its over now, for Hart and for the 35-year-old John Thomas too, who looked alarmingly old–wizened even–sitting next to his fresh-faced teammates in his oversized suits and mock-turtles.

So now that the Wolves’ roster is at a regular season-ready length of 15, does that mean that Maurice Ager is safe? Does youth, once again, will out? Not quite, says Jerry Zgoda at the Strib:

Rambis hinted today that the Wolves very well could carry 15 players when the season starts. But…it probably won’t be Ager, which means the team is discussing acquiring a player (or players) from a team looking to save money.

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