Let me toot your horn

I’ve always been a bit wary of advanced stats. I certainly find them to be useful at times, but there are also several instances where I feel they’re devoid of the necessary context to provide actual insight. Perhaps I’m less accepting of change than I thought, but I see all of these PER, eFG% and win shares bandied about only to wonder who’s actually watching the games anymore? Too often I see numbers used not as a complement, but a replacement for the naked eye, leading to the meme of the day.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about our pal Ben, who done growed up on us. Ben spends every pregame espousing the merits of these metrics to me while I inhale cheesecake and every other post game sharing his wisdom with the lot of us, but it was time to take his show to, well, “the show”

Over on True Hoop’s main page, Mr. Polk addresses the conventional wisdom regarding our Timberwolves and waters those seeds of doubt planted by statisticians with the fluid perspective of an insider. The result is a magnificent bloom of true analysis.

Check it out.

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