Carmelo's ripples reach our shores

As you may have heard, Carmelo Anthony wants to play for the New York Knicks. You may have also heard that, for various reason, consummating this seemingly modest desire has been extraordinarily difficult. Well, it seems our very own Timberwolves may have been pulled into this convoluted narrative. It goes a little something like this (from ESPN’s Marc Stein):

In the proposed trade, New York would send Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota and the Timberwolves would send Corey Brewer and a first-round pick to Denver. Denver would also receive Wilson Chandler from New York.

A Timberwolves source told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher on Sunday that the team would not approve of a deal where the team received just New York’s Randolph and Curry with Brewer and a first-rounder heading to Denver. While these are the names currently being discussed, additional players could be added to make a deal possible, sources said.

Whoever Bucher’s source is, I’m with that guy. Brewer for Randolph straight up makes a certain amount of sense: an exchange of absurdly athletic, somewhat star-crossed recent lottery picks. On the other hand, this move would make the Wolves even less competent defensively, if that’s actually possible. And, though the Wolves are apparently quite covetous of Mr. Randolph, is adding another supremely talented 21-year-old spaceman really in the team’s best interest?

But giving up that pick and taking on a bad contract sours things considerably for me. Things improve marginally if the pick is one of the late first-rounders that the Wolves have acquired in the past year (and would that even be marginally acceptable to the Nugs?), but you’d really still like to see them get a bit more in return. Still, thankfully, sounds like this project is still very much in development. Meantime, Oceanary of Canis Hoopus explores some deeper iterations of the whole deal:

Here’s where all this has come from. The Wolves have been actively pursuing Randolph for a long time now in deals that were relatively separate from the Melo drama. Corey Brewer isn’t a part of this team’s long-term future regardless of anything else, there’s a history between Kahn and Walsh from the early 2000 Pacers era…put it all together and it’s not hard to see how this all came about. The Knicks want direct help, the Wolves offer to start by throwing in a player they want to unload anyway and ask for a player they’ve wanted for a long time…and viola. There’s your trade rumor. It’s really a pretty small and logical step to see how the Wolves enter into the equation here.

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0 thoughts on “Carmelo's ripples reach our shores

  1. I’ve heard the Knicks would be actually paying most of Curry’s contract in this proposed deal, but I still don’t care for it. Randolph is worth a #1 or maybe Brewer, but giving up a #1 & Brewer for the corpse of Eddy Curry and rolling the dice on Randolph isn’t good.

    I’m ok with the Wolves getting involved in this; right now they have the cap space and the picks to make themselves an important player in this kind of deal and they could get good value that they might not normally be able to get. But they shouldn’t dump the assets they have now just to move some pieces around.

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