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Love conquers all and other cliches: All Star Edition

Maybe this will help lift Ben’s spirits? Justice has been served and Kevin Love is officially an All Star.

Der Komissar delivered the good news before last night’s tilt versus the Raptors and the STrib’s Jerry Zgoda was kind enough to spread the word:

Rambis stopped Martin from starting his scouting report and told everyone that Love will play in the Feb. 20 game at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“He put out his hand and I thought he was messing with me,” Love said while sitting at his locker after Friday’s game.

“I was so shocked. I blacked out for a second ’cause I didn’t know what was going on. When he said that, I was sitting right here, I just like ‘What are you talking about? Is Ashton Kutcher about to hop up in here?’ I had no idea.”

Love is the first Timberwolves player named to the All-Star Game since Kevin Garnett made the 2007 game in Las Vegas.

The Wolves immediately bought advertising space on electronic billboards around Target Center and Block E. Messages congratulating Love flashed over First Avenue Friday evening and will continue through Sunday.

The latest instance of outrage is generally regarded as the greatest, but it honestly is tough to remember such an egregious omission as our fair forward. So it was with great joy that we accepted this righted wrong. However, my smile quickly shrunk with solemn contemplation.

It has long been our contention around these parts that Love’s lack of athleticism should garner even more appreciation for his exploits, but now he’s playing with the big boys. All of them. How shall he fare against the likes of a Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett front court? Or Amare Stoudemire and Al Horford? Will his prowess finally be on display for all to see? Or are those graceful transition threes and savvy pick n’ pops destined to be snuffed?

Here’s hoping for the former. All of the posturing-both here and otherwise-regarding Love’s candidacy needs to be justified lest this become another sad footnote in Timberwolves lore.

But for now? Dance party!

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  1. I think he’ll handle the stage just fine. Just start snacking on the glass and the rest will be gravy. And, I say this as someone whose primary basketball love is the Lakers. Kevin deserved this and if he hadn’t gotten in it would have been wrong on so many levels.

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