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Timberwolves plan Target Center facelift, President Mubarek unmoved

Writing a blog about basketball is pretty weird. You might think that any sensitive, thinking person with the an urge to write on a day like today might have some thoughts to share about the nearly spontaneous uprising of hundreds of thousands of people in one of the world’s great cities. Yeah, I guess that sounds pretty important. But not nearly as important as the fact that the city of Minneapolis and the Wolves are planning a $150 million renovation of the Target Center. Steve Brandt of the Star-Tribune reports:

The plans would open up the city-owned building more to the street and nearby facilities such as Target Field, renovating concourses and locker rooms, and adding new fan amenities such as another restaurant, a food court and new club seats.

Considering that the Target Center is the fourth-oldest arena in the league and that it looks like a retro-futurist, ersatz art-deco spaceship from 1990 (if it were a movie it would be the Warren Beatty “Dick Tracy”; if it were an article of clothing it would be one of Reggie Theus’ suits), this seems like a good idea. Oh, but then there’s this part: though the Mpls luminaries boasted that the renovation would keep the TC competitive for the next two decades, “they said they still have to work out who would pay for it.”

Oh yeah, that. I wonder if this can actually get done.

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