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Corey Brewer waived by Knicks

Corey Brewer’s NYC vacation did not last long. It seems our boy has been waived after three inactive games with the Knicks. If you think that’s a little unjust, you should check out this post of Henry Abbott’s on the Truehoop main page, in which Brewer’s virtues are duly extolled. Check it:

Smart teams, I’d wager, have been watching Corey Brewer for a long time for this exact reason. And what they have been seeing is a defensive show. Once you clue in to the guy, it’s glaringly obvious that no one on the court is defending like him. He’s narrow, long, strong, quick and feisty — which is a perfect set of attributes to fight over a screen. He has great hands. He goads non-shooters into shooting, and keeps great shooters from making a catch. He talks constantly on defense — he’s not only in the right place, but he knows where everybody else is supposed to be, too.

Supporting Henry’s “smart teams” assertion: the Celtics, Mavs and Spurs have all expressed some interest in that skinny guy. I wonder if this would be happening if Wes Johnson or Anthony Randolph were waive today.

As we’ve discussed before, Corey was very, very far from a being a perfect player. But all the same, it’s nice to see some recognition for the striking things this uniquely energetic and positive dude did while he was with us.

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