Kurt Rambis takes a seat


First they came for the coaches. Kurt Rambis’ team finished this season on a 15 game losing streak, which save for a season opening win against the Nets, was exactly how they began the last. Everything in between merely consisted of smaller bouts with uncertainty and lethargy. He’s clashed with his star player and presides over the league’s worst defense. Two years, 32 wins. It’s enough to get anyone fired.

According to the tea leaves, David Kahn has all but done so. Here, take a look.

Then we need to have a talk about whether it’s deserved.

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  1. I like how in the video, David Kahn explains how his sticking to the plan he made when he came here and how last year’s complete overhaul wouldn’t happen this season. We came to find out that Beasley was a player with NBA stats and skills but not a guy who the NBA smarts or the will that can win us games. We realized the Kevin Love was an excellent player, the guy you’d love to have but his defense didn’t mature again this season (but who can blame him). We realized Wes Johnson was a nice player who probably was the only player on the team who grew and learn as the season went on (which was what Kahn emphasized in the video).

    With Kahn, there wasn’t much he could do but time and time again, he showed he wasn’t a NBA-ready coach. Sitting out Kevin Love in games late, creating bad plays out of timeouts late in games which including not giving it to the hot hand like Beasley over and over again. The triangle offense seemed too complicated for this bunch and I don’t know if another season will help. I feel 50/50 about keeping him here because I don’t know whether it’s his fault or the players!

    P.S. – I felt like David Kahn should have address the drafting situation more in the press conference because last time I checked, that’s when good teams are born.

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