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Second City: Wolves land the number two pick

Well the draft lottery was hard to watch and not really because of any smoldering tension or desperate hope that the Wolves might land the number one pick. It was tough to watch the network’s attempts to manufacture suspense with their endless teasers and makeshift narratives; it was tough to watch the nervous, serious men; it was tough to watch Kevin Johnson and Gavin Maloof smile so big and wide; it was tough to watch David Kahn be pale and awkward; and it was tough to watch Dan Gilbert’s 14-year-old son be processed into a Story of Courage in The Face of Adversity right before our very eyes (although I guess you can’t really blame TV for indulging in all the manipulative heartwarmth; its what TV does).

Finally, it was a bit hard to stomach the manufactured optimism and the televised sheen of the whole thing. We Wolves’ fans know the truth. We know that for the majority of the teams on the podium, this lottery will not mean much at all.

Nonetheless, for a queezy, hilarious moment, it looked like the Wolves might find themselves with that number one pick after all and the unenviable task of having to do all of the following: 1) acquire a really good basketball player, 2) appease a Spanish teenager, possibly by 2a) trading the first pick in the draft while still 2b) not alienating their entire fan base and 3) avoiding showing the entire rest of the league all their cards. Given the team’s track record, I can’t say I was hopeful about this working out, but I was surely amused by the idea of watching them try.

Now, though, we’re face with a different situation. The second pick is a strange country, equally capable of producing Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley and Hasheem Thabeet. Derrick Williams, by all accounts a pretty good player (although I must confess that I have seen him play a total of one half of one game) appears to be close to the consensus choice. Of course, he does happen to play the same position as Kevin Love and B-Easy himself, depending on whom you ask. I will not pretend to have any clue what the Wolves will do, but I will say this: they desperately need to get a very, very good player out of it all. And I really don’t care who it is.


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  1. My 2 cents: Trade the number 2 pick, Beasley and whoever and try to pry Iguodala from Philly. The you’re looking at a starting lineup that includes Rubio, Iggy and K.Love. Then Wes can backup Iggy and have Webster at the 2. Darko starting C… Not a bad place to start.

  2. Really picking number 2 in this draft is not that much different than picking #1. I like the idea of trading this pick along with anyone but Love for a good player. Price does not matter too much as long as he can play and is young. There is some good talent out there that maybe other teams can’t afford.

    I doubt there is a game changer in college, not even Kemba Walker. We will see but I did not eve bother watching this years draft because I honestly did not think it would make any bit of difference where the Wolves landed.

  3. They have to trade the pick. Williams is a small forward, and the Wolves will have either Beasley or Johnson starting in that spot. The sad reality of the situation, though, is that this draft is so weak and next year’s so strong that what the Wolves really should do is give the pick to the Clippers so that they can keep their pick next year.

    I’m sure all of you remember the Sam Cassell for Marko Jaric trade. Now, normally, if you heard of this trade, you’d think that the team trading Cassell for Jaric would be receiving a first round pick in return. Nope. The illustrious Kevin McHale decided that we should send our very protected first round pick to the Clippers for an often-injured and not very good when healthy point guard in Jaric. Oy!

    Well, the protections run out next year, and the Clippers get the pick no matter where it falls. Unless we give them this year’s pick. Yes, we should try to convince them to trade the #2 pick for ours and another player. If we get really lucky, maybe they’d give us D’Andre Jordan. Or even Kaman. The Clippers do have a need at small forward, so it is not an unreasonable request.

    But if they refuse, then just end the McHale era once and for all and give them the #2. Because Williams isn’t going to make us much better. And I doubt we’d be able to trade for a rising star that is going to make us significantly better. So, we are still going to be bad after next season (if there is one) and still going to get a very high pick. In fact, I guarantee that if the Clippers have the Wolves pick next year it will end up being #1 overall — just to screw Kahn and the Wolves.

  4. Hey, I’m a Raptors fan that has heard some rumors involving our two teams and was wondering what your take on them is, as Wolves fans.

    The basic rumor is something along the lines of Calderon & #5 pick for Flynn & #2 pick.

    The theory is that with Rubio coming over to be your PG of the future, Flynn has become expendable and Calderon would be a good pass-first PG to mentor Rubio (being a fellow Spaniard and friend of Rubio’s is even more of a bonus). Minny would unload Flynn, get a veteran PG mentor for Rubio and still get a top-5 draft pick, just for giving up the #2 pick. With Minny being set at PG (Rubio), PF (Love) and SF (Beasley/Johnson), you could probably get as useful a player for your team at #5 that you could at #2.

    I’m curious to get your thoughts on the rumor… cheers!

  5. Ryan – haha! Best comment that I’ve read anywhere in the past couple of days. Jaric was once seen as something of a bright prospect with the Clippers. I can’t recall when somebody has tanked so quickly and completely after a trade.

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