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These Fragments…: the Wolves in May

Welcome to Summer everybody. As you’ve probably noticed, we here at A Wolf Among Wolves have been laying low the past few weeks: enjoying the playoffs; basking in our few, brief bursts of sun; getting a little distance on the Wolves’ long season; attending to our lives. Luckily, the Wolves have obliged us by doing very little recently. Nothing solid on Ricky Rubio; no word on Kurt Rambis. So here’s a little roundup of what’s transpired:

  • Speaking of young Ricky, David Kahn and Tony Ronzone recently traveled to Spain to check in with their European prospects. Most importantly, they reportedly met with Rubio in hopes of enticing him to sign an NBA deal “within a month.” Jerry Zgoda gives a nice summary of the visit and associated issues right here. Jerry reminds us that “the Wolves already have much invested in Rubio — he alone is the only hope to save a 2009 draft in which they had four first-round picks that so far has delivered Jonny Flynn, Wayne Ellington and Martell Webster…” True indeed.
  • If you look down at the comments of the above post, you’ll see this remark by Mr. Zgoda: “I’m fairly certain the Wolves brass consider Rubio a better prospect than Irving and no matter what they might say should they somehow get the No. 1 pick, I’d expect them to fully try to trade the pick to the highest bidder.” Don’t you just know this is the year they’ll finally get that first pick? Can’t you just feel this actually happening? (Thanks to Canis Hoopus for pointing this out.)
  • In case you didn’t notice, Wes Johnson was named to the NBA All-Rookie second team. So that’s nice for him. Maybe I’m just being a hater, but did anyone else find it strange that Wes actually managed to nab four first team votes?
  • David Berri reports that, if you replaced Kevin Love–who led the league in Berri’s Wins Produced metric–with an average power forward, the Wolves would have won three games (2.9 actually). I think this may be a case of running into the threshold of what these numbers can actually tell us, but I find this hilarious nonetheless.
  • Although he tried to finesse it every way he could, Henry Abbott lost his bet that Darko Milicic would be more productive than Shaq in 2010/2011: “…however many rebounds he may have, it’s all pretty pointless if, on average, when Milicic was on the floor, the Timberwolves suffered for his presence, while the opposite was true of O’Neal and the Celtics. In such a world, O’Neal for one minute is worth more than Milicic for 2,000, and anything that says otherwise is smoke and mirrors.” Sigh.
  • Considering all of the college players who are staying in school this year (Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones among them), Oceanary of Canis thinks we ought to acquaint ourselves with the Euros who ill be filling out the first round. Included is a nice video of Jan Vesely getting stupid.
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0 thoughts on “These Fragments…: the Wolves in May

  1. If we trade away Kyrie Irving and don’t get something spectacular in return, I will cry. David Kahn, don’t make me cry (again).

  2. If we get the 1st pick in the draft we should get Kyrie Irving. Then bring in Ricky and let them fight it out. I don’t think having 2 rookie point gaurds learning and growing on this team could hurt. If one out shines the other then we trade one. Or if they work together even better. I just think it’s silly to trade away a possible future point gaurd star with out knowing if Ricky can even play in this league.

  3. I agree with Eric. It would be pointless to trade away Irving while being able to keep the rights to Rubio. These two could have a great “superstardom” experience playing together, and it would be silly to trade one away immediately without seeing what could come of the duo. Being in the state of rebuilding like we are, this is the perfect opportunity to experiment.

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