NBA draft

End of the tunnel


Things are looking up. Again.

For all of the rampant speculation and conjecture that draft week brings, the results-even if unexpected-are always satisfying. There is no more blind chatter about what we want, only lucid assessments of what we actually have. Tonight, we have improved as a basketball team. Significantly.

Derrick Williams is now a Timberwolf and according to David Kahn, a Timberwolf he shall remain. Despite late rumblings that Enes Kanter would be the second draftee to shake Commissioner Stern’s hand, management went with the proven talent and the best available player; who in a year may prove himself to be the best overall. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we have tomorrow to look forward to, where we’ll be able to get all up close and personal with Mr. Williams during his introductory press conference.

Our 20th pick, Lithuanian center, Donatas Motiejunas will be receiving the red carpet treatment elsewhere. Motiejunas was packaged along with the remains of Jonny Flynn in a deal for journeyman center Brad Miller, the 23rd pick, the 38th pick and a future first rounder. (Farewell, Jonny. We knew thee all too well.) Now Miller’s arrival may shed doubt on the development  of either Darko Milicic or Nikola Pekovic, but as my friend Chris told me, “That’s one of them good problems.” Only a miniscule amount of Miller’s contract is guaranteed and in the event that we keep him, we’ve inherited a defensive presence capable of holding down the post for 15-20 minutes a night.

From there, things got a bit confusing. Kahn traded to the 23rd pick to the Bulls for picks 28 & 43. Then he traded the 28th pick to Miami for the 31st and a future second rounder. Then the 31st was moved to New Jersey for a 2013 second rounder and cash. Just when our heads were about to stop spinning, Kahn gave the 38th pick back to Houston for more cash and somehow got the 57th pick from Dallas. In between all of that action, we actually did gain another player, Malcolm Lee, with the 43rd pick. Finally, we turned lucky no. 57 into Tanguy Ngombo.

It seemed as though the Wolves were attempting to kill two birds with one stone during this flurry of phone calls, and one of them was named Rambis. However, Kahn assured the collected media afterwards that the secured cash was not for our pseudo-coach’s buyout. Nonetheless, by using only one of our first round picks, we avoided the risk of cluttering our roster with more guaranteed contracts.

So hard as we may be on our P.O.B.O., he deserves congratulations for his work this evening. Another shrewd trade and within the span of one week, two of the leading candidates for Rookie of the Year. Well done, sir.

Now who’s going to coach them?

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