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Kanter emerges

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You may have begun hearing chatter that the Wolves are considering taking Enes Kanter over Derrick Williams with the second pick. Now, two things. First, I think its always a good thing for a team to sow a little uncertainty as to their draft decisions. Even if the Wolves are still dead set on taking Williams, floating the Kanter rumor is a good idea if for no other reason than to generate more and better trade possibilities.

But second: Kanter is clearly a big, smart, amazingly skilled player. He is agile; he passes well; he can score down low and also hit a midrange jumper. In so many ways he seems to be the big man that the Wolves have been dying for.  But now consider the idea–which I find very convincing–that the only even marginally reliable indicator for how a player will perform in the NBA is how he has performed in the past. There have been countless big, skilled, athletic players who seem like pre-destined All-Stars but who have just not turned out to be very good NBA players (one of them is on the Wolves right now). Now consider that Kanter has almost no experience playing at an elite level of competition. We literally have almost no information about how he has played in the past. This is not a good thing.

Now check out this quote from Jonathan Givony of Draft Express:

This lack of experience shows up first and foremost on the defensive end, where Kanter was incredibly ineffective in the film we watched. His fundamentals, instincts and positioning leave a lot to be desired. He can often be found standing straight up in the paint with his arms down, putting in little to no effort. He rarely boxes out his opponent and generally looks disinterested in anything that has to do with defense. He rarely bends his knees and often fails to get back in transition–doing very little to protect the paint when he does.

This draft, mediocre though it is, is still hugely important for the Wolves. Do we really know enough about Enes Kanter (and is what we do know impressive enough?) to wager so much on him?

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  1. Certainly hope Wolves take Kanter, hope Jazz take Walker and really hope DWill gets traded to the Suns no matter where he’s picked. You Eastern folks who haven’t seen him play just don’t understand. He would have been a lottery pick next year too, he is that good.

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