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Ricky Rubio is now a Timberwolf


Our long local nightmare is over. Well, almost.

As tweeted this evening by KFAN’s Dan Barreiro  and confirmed by the ubiquitous Adrian Worjanowski, Ricky Rubio did indeed sign a contract with the Wolves yesterday. As always, the details were filled in by Mr. Jerry Zgoda over at the Star Tribune.

Rubio avoided a potential disaster by taking the guaranteed wages offered under a now expired labor agreement and his million dollar buyout with Regal Barcelona will be handled by the Wolves along with an assortment of local sponsors. Any remaining skeptics should be soothed once our Spanish sensation is introduced to the public later this month.

Now before ruining the party with questions of whether he’ll perform as advertised, we may have to say goodbye to a few friends. Is this the end of Jonny Flynn’s painful saga as a Wolf? Is Michael Beasley now an intriguing complement or a questionable influence?  Is a rapport with his new point enough to stay Kurt Rambis’ execution?

Regardless, Rubio’s arrival erases a particularly bothersome smudge on David Kahn’s resume and now our taskmaster is free to pursue his vision. Earlier this season, he assured us that there will be no more roster turnover, however this development may be the beginning of more changes. Good ones, perhaps.

But who knows what the future holds? It could be quite some time before we even see professional basketball in our fair Cities again. So if only for a moment, let’s live in the moment and bask in the warming glow of relevancy.

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0 thoughts on “Ricky Rubio is now a Timberwolf

  1. Now we can improve by gracefully letting Rambis and his Triangle-ish-ish offense go to a little more veteran team, draft Williams and take a look at Jeff Van Gundy to shore up the defensive portion of the game. Hoping……

  2. If they let Rambis go who would want to come here and coach? And the Star Tribune also said that Luke might be gone too??? We are not getting Steve Nash to come in here and teach Rubio how to run the point. It’s a little confusing on what to expect. But I do expect a lot of lobs and easy buckets in transition but still not a lot of defense.

  3. Elston Turner. He was Adelman’s protege, and short of getting Adelman himself I think he would be a great choice. He’s available, hes trained in system flexibility, and he comes from a culture that emphasizes playing to player’s strengths. He and Monty Williams were the other finalists before Rambis was hired, and Monty turned out ok. Keeping the status quo, from what I’ve seen the past two years, would be far worse than rolling on Turner.

    As for who would even be interested in coaching the Wolves? Now that Rubio’s in the fold, I bet there’s a ton more interest. Think about it – if you’re a creative offensive thinker, you’d now have the games best young court vision and passing point to work with, a top young big man who can drain threes, and notable athletes in Beasley, Wes, and AR. Oh, you’ve also got the #2 pick in this years draft. In terms of backups you’ve got Jonny, a scoring and pnr point who was horribly misused so far, Pek as a dynamite low post scoring option, and Martell and Wayne. In other words, were not for a Childress like resistance from the coaching staff to doing what the players actually are good at, this current collection of talent isn’t so dissimilar to last year’s Knicks (pre Melo).

    This team is better today than it was yesterday.

  4. The Calderon/Flynn rumors are starting again in Toronto… was wondering what you guys thought of a deal along the lines of Calderon for Flynn & Webster. Calderon is a veteran pass-first PG and a fellow Spaniard to mentor Rubio. Flynn (PG – Rubio, Ridnour) and Webster (SF – Beasley, Wesley) are both 3rd on your depth chart but would be useful additions to the Raptors.


  5. I think we should trade Flynn straight up for Dirk. Just a thought.

    Seriously, though, what a freaking great hesitation move to slip by Bosh. Beautiful stuff.

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