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The Internets are buzzing: is Rambis out?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports is reporting that the Timberwolves have finally asked Kurt Rambis to step aside. Now, to put this in perspective: this is unconfirmed by anybody and Wojnarowski has been wrong on his scoops before (remember that midseason deal for Al Jefferson with Indiana that was as good as done?). What’s more, according to the Strib, Rambis’ agent Warren LeGarie is calling the report “inaccurate: “I haven’t gotten that information from David,” he told Jerry Zgoda on Wednesday evening, “and I just spoke with him this afternoon.”

Still, even if this information is not accurate at this exact moment, none of us should be surprised if this doesn’t come to pass in the next few days, especially given the Wolves’ reliably perverse sense of timing and the inevitability of Rambis’ demise.

Still, one wonders why the Wolves have waited this long, allowing highly qualified young coaches like Dwane Casey and Mike Brown to get away without a fight. Uh, well Wojnarowski has an answer for that one too (although, this seems to me to be highly speculative):

Bernie Bickerstaff, an assistant coach with the Portland Trail Blazers, will be one of the primary focuses of the Wolves’ search, sources said. Bickerstaff’s son, J.B., had been an assistant on Rambis’ staff, and one scenario could have J.B. serving under his father as a coach-in-waiting.

Is it just me, or is this getting weirder?

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