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Adventures in babysitting

Depending on who you ask, marijuana isn’t particularly harmful. Sure it might lead to bouts with forgetfulness and exceeding one’s weekly calorie intake in a matter of hours, but all in all, Mary Jane isn’t regarded to be the life altering substance her powdery cousins are. However it is illegal and on the list of the NBA’s controlled substances. So Michael Beasley’s roadside encounter last week could prove to be disastrous for a fledgling career already teetering in the balance.

Though it’s still unclear whether a fines or suspension shall incur, there’s undoubtedly trouble waiting on the other end of this commercial break for the Beas. His talent and personality have carried him this far, but these repeated exhibitions of recklessness are making him a liability, whether by truth or perception. How much longer before this show is over?





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0 thoughts on “Adventures in babysitting

  1. Ah, youth. Many years ago, a couple friends and I were bombing up an interstate when we got pulled over. Upon detecting a few roaches and smoke thick enough to qualify as smog, the officer invited us to step from the car. He said he was going to search the trunk adding, that if we turned over any contraband in our possession, he’d let us go. Being smart kids, we asked for a moment and stepped out into the desert to discuss. We knew how much pot we had in our luggage and didn’t wish to lose it. We stepped back and earnestly declined his kind offer. After which he opened the trunk, took all our pot and booze, and arrested us.

    I don’t know why I’m telling you this, except that I’m not considering a run for office… or a position with the Timberwolves. Here’s another roadside encounter. http://bit.ly/nUjlRE

  2. I wish the Wolves would rid themselves of Beasley. He’s talented, yes, but obviously, has some issues staying out of trouble and isn’t what I consider a team player. If we were to trade him for a second round pick (at worst), would anyone really be upset? We gave him a shot and he showed why he wasn’t worth keeping around any longer. Start a little more fresh.

  3. shit aint like beasley is gonna be kicking himself for getting traded from the timberwolves. Alot of you fans are so stuck on the things a person does in the personal life instead of just appreciating the game . I understand there may be marols to uphold on a team but damn your team sucks and yall want to toss one of the most talented players you have on the roster for getting caught with weed, not a DUI or rape or a more harmful crime which i would fully understand. For Beasley’s sake i hope he ends up on the Lakers or Boston where the veterans can help him get his priorities in order

  4. With Williams in the fold, I say let Beasley go for whatever we might get in return. The draft dealt us that hand and it’s not a bad one. Maybe there is veteran leadership out there.

  5. mathis, nobody thinks a pot bust is the worst thing in the world, and it’s not about morals. It’s about judging whether or not a player is going to be committed, work hard, and be ready to play. With Beasley, this is in question – he keeps making bad decisions. He already had a terrible rep in the league, a rep for pot use, and he goes ahead and confirms it by making really, really stupid decisions and getting caught. I’m sorry, but that was a stupid act by someone who has committed a lot of stupid acts since coming to the league. I will stop short of calling him a stupid man, but I thought about it. He’s dicey. He’s a good scorer and I would like to see him in a scorer-off-the-bench role for the Wolves, but outside of scoring, he doesn’t do anything else well. I’m pulling for him, but I’d take him or leave him at this point. Don’t think we’d get anything of value in return… so really, he’s not at all valuable.

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