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Do the Dinosaur: Nelson, Adelman and Brown queue up

After dallying with Terry Porter, Bernie Bickerstaff and Mike Woodson last week, the Glen Taylor and David Kahn appear to be getting into the heart of the order as it were. The affable, Yeltsin-esque Don Nelson interviewed with the Wolves on Sunday while Rick Adelman spoke with the team on Saturday. If you’re an Adelman fan, it is probably not a great sign that he chose the phone as his preferred interview medium.  Kind of like when I spent an entire day of fifth grade psyching myself up to ask L____ to “go with me” and then when I finally did she responded by telling me she’d “think about it.” (Twenty years later, and I’m still married to her (not true).)

Word is, too, that Larry Brown lurks on the horizon. I very much hope that this never becomes enough of a reality that I’ll have to explain why its a nightmarishly bad idea. And does anyone else get the nagging feeling that flirting with all of these Living Legends of Coaching seems to make the team somehow less credible? Doesn’t it kind of feel like the Wolves are trying a little too hard to look cool?

As for my analysis on the situation, I’ll defer to commenter Biggity2bit who hopes that the Wolves “make Adelman a contract offer today, and if he pauses when looking at it that Kahn or Glen lean over and add an extra ‘zero’ to the end of the number and give it back to Adelman.”


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0 thoughts on “Do the Dinosaur: Nelson, Adelman and Brown queue up

  1. Larry Brown would be the worst decision for a coach of this team. Brown hates rookies….’nuff said. Not to mention every team he’s on he wants to trade half (or more) of the roster halfway through his first season.

  2. Coaches are just like the players they coach. In their careers, they have peeks and dips.

    Now, you have guys like Phil Jackson, who seem to never dip. But that is simply because he came in, and had Michael Jordan for all but 2 of his 10 years in Chicago. And then he walked straight from that to Kobe and Shaq. And then he was smart enough to walk away, before it started to go downhill.

    But for most coaches, there just comes a point when they lose it. Be it a disconnect with their younger players, or an insistence to continue running with an outdated playbook, or other miscelaneous factors. But at some point it happens. And it has already happened for Brown and Nelson. They were, at one point, two of the greatest basketball minds, in the game. But that point is far gone, and they have nothing solid to give this team, as a head coach. Now, if they were willing to come on as assistants, and take assistant coach money… then heck yeah I would want them around. But being an effective head coach is about WAY more than just have a great basketball mind. And I think that is all either of these two coaching legends have left, at this point.

    As for Adelman… I really don’t know. He is certainly better than the two that I previously mentioned. But I fear that he too is teetering on the edge of disconnect from his players. And walking into a brand new situation in Minnesota… I just don’t know if he could reign them in.

    In my personal opinion (and that is purely what it is), I honestly think we need a younger coach. But someone who does have some credentials to throw around. Personally, I am really intrigued with Mike Woodson. He did a great job, with a very young Hawks team, in a very short time. Maybe the pieces were all already in place, and he just lucked into it. I don’t know. But that is the type of coach that I think we need… someone who can connect with all the young talent, and form them into a cohesive unit. Because all the basketball knowledge in the world, doesnt mean anything, if you can’t control your team.

    And speaking of controlling your team… can we PLEASE just boot Beasley now? I was totally on board with giving him a clean slate, when he came to Minnesota. And I was even ok with the pot incident. But I did hope that would be the end of the problems. And now he hauling off and slapping FANS in the face. Please GT and DK, tell me how I am supposed to show up and cheer for this man. He is a selfish ball player, and now has proven himself to be a loose cannon. No thanks… I would rather have Steph Marbury or Latrell Sprewell back, at this point.

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