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Rumors of Bickerstaff

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From Jerry Zgoda at the Star Tribune:

Last time we checked, Kurt Rambis still is Timberwolves’ coach but that isn’t stopping Davis Kahn from continuing his pursuit of a new coach apparently. On Monday, the Oregonian newspaper in Portland reported that the Wolves late last week asked the Trail Blazers for permission to talk to Blazers assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff about the team’s still-filled head coaching job. Bickerstaff’s contract with the Blazers expired on July 1 — which is also when the current labor lockout began — but he has been negotiating with the Blazers about a new one. The idea with hiring Bickerstaff — 67 and a head coach with four different NBA teams during his long career when he also was a president and GM — would be to sign him for a year or two while his son J.B. is groomed to take over the job when he’s ready…There’s a couple other reasons this makes sense: J.B. would work cheap and he’ll take the job in an instant.And with the way this debacle has played out, that latter quality might be getting harder and harder to come by. The Wolves’ insistence at dragging this out presumably to save money just makes the franchise from around the league look  even more mismanged, if that’s possible.

I have very little to add to this.  David Kahn has shown himself to be genuinely skilled at explaining the team’s most puzzling moves (see his long conversation with Bill Simmons). But he and Glen Taylor also seem to be unable to avoid repeatedly giving the impression that their franchise is an tumultuous wreck. And, more importantly, they seem to be blithely unaware that such impressions are almost as important as the decisions themselves. Whether or not your decision to draft Jonny Flynn one spot after Ricky Rubio, say, was actually well-reasoned, it appeared amateurish and incompetent. And those appearances matter gravely.

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0 thoughts on “Rumors of Bickerstaff

  1. Rumor now is that J.B. Bickerstaff is fleeing to Houston. Can’t say I blame him. If J.B. isn’t being groomed to be the head coach, then hiring Bernie makes little sense. Back to the drawing board . . . again. I’d go after Brad Stevens of Butler. He’s shown he can motivate young players and get them to overachieve. It wasn’t his fault his players missed all of their shots in the NCAA finals. Not sure he (or anyone) would want to put up with working for Kahn after how poorly Kahn handled the Rambis firing (I agree with everything Jerry and Ben said), but it is worth a shot.

  2. Donnie Nelson lol?!?!


    Why would he actually want to coach here? I wonder about that. It’s gotta solely be about the money, right? I mean, he’s 71 years old, after all. So if he just wants to come here for the money, that’s kinda disturbing. Plus he’ll want over $5 million per year, so I doubt Glen pays that (Read the Mark Cuban vs Don Nelson court case documents I posted a while back, I guarantee Don will want a ton of money.)

    At least we don’t have many veterans, because Nelson doesn’t exactly like playing rookies… which is another problem with him coaching our roster.

    I don’t think he’s the best for the long-term viability of the franchise. But with that said, why not? It would be someone respectable and give us some legitimacy. Not like anyone else will take the job… 🙁

  3. Honestly, with the lack of pride that Donnie coached his last GSW years, this has just got to be about money, anyhow, if Donnie does get hired….start the Kevin Love Clippers 2012 train!!!!

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