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Adelman in the flesh

Multiple sources (here and here) are reporting that Rick Adelman is in town today to have an actual face-to-face interview with Kahn, Taylor and Moor. Jerry Zgoda says this: “The Wolves brass worked for weeks to get Adelman to come in for more than a phone interview.  If he wants the job, and they can agree on a salary, the job is probably his.”

This is good; to my mind, Adelman is easily the best candidate on the team’s docket (with Sam Mitchell coming in a moderately distant second). Plus, you and I both know phone interviews are for suckers. It’s amusing how the Wolves seem to be teetering here between making an actual, substantial, good decision (hiring Adelman) and making an utterly rotten one (hiring, like, Don Nelson or Larry Brown).

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0 thoughts on “Adelman in the flesh

  1. I doubt would want to coach a loser tyeam such as the Minnesota T-Wolves. He’s too used to winning to go back slummin’. Larry Brown would be actually a better decision, although I don’t think that he’s that desperate to take that job. i’m sure that he’ll wait for a better opportunity. Is Don Nelson still alive? His former assistant, Keith Smart wopuld be a far better option than him.

  2. Adelman would be a HUGE win. Anyone else is pretty “blah.” I guess Don Nelson would be ok for a year or two. Sam Mitchell would be an ‘ok’ distant second. Adelman or bust.

  3. The nice thing for Adelman is with the CBA talks not going well it looks like he is going to have his year off anyways. Win, win for everyone. We get a good head caoch and his family gets him at home for a while. See, the lockout isn’t so bad after all.

  4. I agree with Eric. Lockout will hopefully mean the time off Adelman seeks and hopefully he’s up for the Wolves challenge. If he weren’t the least bit interested in the job he wouldn’t have come to town. Taylor better open up the checkbook for this guy if he likes to see winning on the court.

    btw….for JT up there, it’s nice you feel the need to comment on the article but if you’re going to do so do a little research into the situation and not just a half-ass hypothesis. I realize blogging doesn’t have to have any facts whatsoever but, c’mon man….

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