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Michael Beasley's endless summer, cont.

Oh man, this offseason just gets longer and longer. Evidently our guy (an adult man, remember, who gets paid to play basketball) wasn’t aware that there would be hecklers at a streetball game in New York and is lacking the deep breathing skills necessary to keep things chill. From Ian Begley of ESPN New York (check the link for video):

He then approached one fan and shoved him in the face. Security guards stepped in to diffuse the situation. Shortly after “mushing” the fan in the face, Beasley approached him again to shake his hand, but the interaction escalated and Beasley had to be restrained by security. “He was a little wild,” said KaBourn Crosley, the coach of Team 914, on which Beasley played. “I couldn’t stop him.”

So that was a bad decision. Oh, Michael Beasley, what will ever become of you?

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0 thoughts on “Michael Beasley's endless summer, cont.

  1. Beas could still morph that quote into an NBA positive:

    “He was a little wild; I couldn’t stop him.”

    Just as Beasley could expect some fan taunting at a NYC league, that fan can now know to expect a palm to the face when he decides to get (reportedly) over-the-top with his heckling, while standing on the same level surface as the person he is yelling at. Let us look at it as, ‘Beasley has pride in himself’

  2. I guess B-easy is taking this lock out pretty hard. I did like reading that he went shot for shot aginst Kevin Durant. IF not for the shoving incadent it could have been a good story for him.

  3. The Wolves just might have to trade Beasley again because he and Love overlap too much. Beasley is a power forward who played out of position last season. Either he should play off the bench as a sixth man, or be traded in a package that includes the Wolves’ plethora of point guards, for either a center or a shooting guard.

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