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Rick Adelman is the Timberwolves' new coach

It’s official. From the Wolves:

The Minnesota Timberwolves oday announced the team has reached an agreemnt in principle on a contract with Rick Adelman to become the 10th head coach in franchise history. Adelman ranks eighth all-time in NBA coaching wins with a 945-616 (.605 winning percentage) career record in 20 seasons as a head coach.

It’s not yet known if Adelman got the five years and $25 million he was after. Let’s not mince words. This is a major coup for Kahn and Taylor. Even before the months-long Kurt Rambis fiasco, I was of the belief that Adelman was the best case scenario for the Wolves. Hiring Adelman gives them legitimacy when the desperately need it; it gives them a coaching mind creative and experienced enough to blend the Wolves’ strange mix of talent; and it gives Kevin Love at least the beginnings of a reason to hang around. Not too bad. Let’s have a party.

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0 thoughts on “Rick Adelman is the Timberwolves' new coach

  1. Back in the early 2000s, even with Flip as the mastermind behind some very clever strategies (think you couldn’t run a zone defense because it was against the rules — think again), I always envied the motion in Sacremento’s offense. If Adelman can bring anything like that to Minnesota, it will make for some great basketball that will be fun to watch.

  2. So, if we don’t have a season b/c of the lockout will Adelman and the players still be under contract to have workouts together? i.e. our young punks learn a few things and maybe not suck so much when they finally play again? Or do they all go their own ways till the labor situation is resolved?

  3. A very good hire, if it doesn’t work out pure hindsight is 20/20 kind of stuff. As ridiculous as Kahn can seem it’s hard to argue the team isn’t better off than it was three years ago. To use a restaurant analogy, Kahn straightened out the books, hired a good chef de cuisine and sourced quality ingredients. Now we just need to see if the food is any good . . .

  4. Of course, if NBA franchises had to be run as competently as restaurants from a business standpoint the Wolves would have gone under a year ago, so probably not the best analogy. After all, he still presided over one of the worst teams in the NBA for two years, I doubt Emeril or Mario Batali on their worst day could be accused of anything similar.

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