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Great heights

For all of the strange and bewildering things that David Kahn has done in his tenure as Wolves’ GM, I would argue that the national media has actually managed to overstate his ineptitude. But in the case of Ethan Sherwood Strauss’ Truehoop piece on height exaggeration in the NBA, I’d say that the rep is well-earned. As Strauss says, “perhaps I am cynical and paranoid, but I could easily envision a dystopian future where David Kahn successfully trades ‘7-1′ Michael Beasley.” Yeah I guess I could too.

Anyone who has spent any time in the Wolves’ locker room knows that Kevin Love is about as close to 6’10” as I am to six feet, which is to say not close. Strauss even presents some damning evidence: a photo of K-Love standing next to the 6’8″ Derrick Williams. Strauss generously says that Love is at Williams’ “height-level,” but it looks to me like Love is a even whisp shorter. And J.J. Barea at 6’0″? I have stood next to J.J. Barea and I will tell you now that he is not a hair taller than I am. I’m pretty proud of this.

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