Bonzi returns and other musings

I was shocked to hear that Bonzi Wells has been invited to the Wolves’ training camp and even more shocked to hear that he is only 35 years old. Considering that Bonzi played serious minutes on a team that included Scottie Pippen, Arvydas Sabonis and Detlef Schrempf,  I had him pegged for at least 50. But I was wrong and right now he’s a Wolf. Come to think of it, the Wolves could use an upgrade at center; I wonder if Sabonis is still in playing shape?

Even more surprising: the Wolves are also pursuing NBA Finals hero and bona fide Small Person J.J. Barea. Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? a three-guard lineup featuring Rubio, Ridnour, Barea? Am I right? But for real: is another primary ball handler really what the Wolves need?

Speaking of perimeter players: now that the Chris-Paul-to-the-Lakers deal is in ashes (beautifully played everybody), I’m curious whether Kevin Martin remains available. He makes a chunk of change ($11.5 million this year and $12.4 million next year), he never passes the ball and the Wolves rotten perimeter D wouldn’t be made any less rotten, but Martin is the most efficient high volume perimeter scorer in the league–and the Wolves could definitely use a little of that.

And by the way, isn’t it delicious to see the Wolves’ unprotected 1st round pick bandied about in Chris Paul trade rumors? Oh Kevin McHale, will your gifts ever stop giving?

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0 thoughts on “Bonzi returns and other musings

  1. On Barea: You realize that the most used 5 man unit for the Mavericks last year (you know, when they won a title) included Barea and Jason Terry?

    Barea’s a pretty good player. Yes, I think that’s something the Wolves could use. As for Martin: yes please. Hard to see Houston wanting the Wolves’ parts, but you have to try. Super efficient actual 2-guard? Hey, they might start resembling an actual NBA basketball team.

    1. I definitely agree that Barea is a pretty good player. The difference is that at this point, Terry is much more of an off-ball scorer than a point guard. He and Barea in the backcourt make more sense to me than Barea with either of our other PGs. Its definitely intriguing though.

  2. If the Wolves can nab Martin, I don’t see why this team wouldn’t have a shot at making the playoffs if everyone stays healthy.

    A ‘traditional’ lineup of:

    poses some interesting matchup challenges. They could go long and athletic, they could go all defensive, or all running and small. They’ve got some shooters, some finishers, some passers, some ball handlers, some shot blockers. Health is going to be greatly magnified this season, so its possible these guys could surprise some teams who have a key player go down.

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