Martell Webster out indefinitely

From the Wolves:

The Minnesota Timberwolves announced today that guard Martell Webster is out indefinitely as he recovers from microdiscectomy surgery that was performed on Sept. 28. Webster is currently undergoing further evaluation by the Timberwolves medical staff.

“Out indefinitely” is such an ominous phrase. Whatever that means, considering how immobile Webster was after his surgery last year, the Wolves will definitely be thin at the two guard position this year. As Zach pointed out, for all of the optimism, the Wolves still don’t have a single proven perimeter scorer or defender on their roster. Arron Afflalo sure would be nice.

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0 thoughts on “Martell Webster out indefinitely

  1. Someone at stats inc should look up the the highest percentage of games missed due to injury for players with 5+ years of experience. Its really too bad i was excited about him coming here.

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