Ricky Rubio is available to the media… "What the hell?"

I defy you to watch this video and not fall in love with this guy.


Couple things I took away from this brief interview:

– Jump shot motion looks so much smoother and efficient. Now, that could completely go away when he gets into game action, but he talked about working on it and making progress. I believe him that he’s making progress because he seems incapable of lying.
– Beasley briefly caught chastising Ricky’s shoes? That was a quick shot and hilarious.
– Worries me a bit that the first three “talented” players Ricky mentioned from this off-season are Nick Young, Derek Fisher and Chauncey Billups. I’ll just blame it on being unfamiliar with the language. Maybe “Nick Young” translates to “Kevin Durant” in Spanish?
– He seems a lot more comfortable with talking to the media than we’ve seen and than what I expected from him.

Media Day is on Friday. CBA gets ratified within the next day. We’re 10 days away from preseason action.

Missed you so much, Wolves.

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  1. Josh says:

    I don’t believe he practiced with Durant. He practiced with the others he mentioned.

  2. biggity2bit says:

    I literally just about spit out my drink when I read this. Hilarious!
    “I believe him that he’s making progress because he seems incapable of lying”

  3. Zach Harper says:

    Seriously, how can you watch him speak and think he’s capable of forming a lie? He has all of your innocence.

  4. biggity2bit says:

    OK, just finished the vid. Absolutely adorable. He’s Joe Mauer…with personality…and if Joe Mauer was from Spain…you get the idea.

  5. LA_33 says:

    Not enough of his English-interview catch phrase for my liking (“isa-mazing”) but still great. “What the hell?”

  6. Seenin says:

    He sounds like jar jar binks, but as long as hes creating highlight clips he can spit improper english all he wants!

  7. littleboxes says:

    Please let him be great.

  8. Scott Danger says:

    I read elsewhere that Ricky had his pants tucked into his socks and that’s what Beasley was poking fun at.

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