Timberwolves get shiny

Right now I live in the desert and so I wasn’t able to see the Wolves take out the Bucks on Saturday. But Zach was there and this is what he had to say about it on Hoopspeak:

Sitting through four years of soul-crushing and questionable rebuilding practices are quickly vanishing with each Love double-double, Rubio behind the back pass, and Derrick Williams baptism at the rim. We finally have Rick Adelman, A REAL COACH, guiding the process. There is no more waiting for Kevin Love to get minutes. There is no waiting for Ricky Rubio to want to play here. There is no more waiting, period. We want our franchise turning the corner and we want it NOW. After attempting to be patient for so long, it looks like our golden goose is finally shipping.

Preach on brother.

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0 thoughts on “Timberwolves get shiny

  1. Well said Zach. Even though it was just a pre season game, it did give hope for a season where you don’t want to do a LeBron, and leave after 3 quarters.

  2. Yay! Looking forward to a fun season and hoping for 30+ victories. Nothing would please me more than to make that unprotected 2012 pick for the Hornets fall out of the lottery. I am so tired of hearing the talking heads yak about that pick like it’s a for sure top 5 pick.

  3. 28-38 was my prediction before the preseason game. After that game… 32-34?

    It’s so strange both preseason games are against the bucks, then we play them game 2 of the regular season…

  4. It’s a little strange that they gave both preseason games to the Bucks, but it makes sense that they play them twice in the regular season again. The schedules are more weighted this year and they are trying to keep all the marquee match ups. It means less games against the Bostons, Miamis, Lakers, Bulls, etc., but more against teams like the Bucks.

  5. Mike, all teams play two preseason games each against a local rival if there is one. Just to focus more on getting in shape for the season and not having to travel far to preseason games.

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