Kevin Love awaits an extension

You have perhaps seen this Peter Vecsey report about the  impending deadline to offer Kevin Love a contract extension:

According to the messenger, All-Star Kevin Love has not been offered an extension. Think the double-double emperor’s feelings are bruised? Think agent Jeff Schwartz might be putting the pressure on GM David Kahn and owner Glen Taylor to make a proposal pronto? You got that right; according to my source, if one isn’t submitted by Jan. 15, 10 days before the league deadline to enrich players in Love’s position (Russell Westbrook is another), then don’t bother.

Think there’s a lot of speculation and unattributed sourcing in that paragraph? Yeah me too. For the record, Love claims that he hasn’t spoken with his agent about an extension since the season began (which, obviously he would say that).

Also for the record, and as per our frequent conversations about Kevin Love’s value, Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus has weighed in firmly on the side of offering our guy the max (very much worth reading). And considering how intensely good he has been this year and how much he has added to his game in just under three seasons, I’m inclined to agree. Let’s get this thing done. Here’s the slightly chilling way Doolittle leaves us:

There is no question he is deserving of a max contract, and probably little question that the Timberwolves will make such an offer. The only thing we don’t know is whether Love will sign it.

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0 thoughts on “Kevin Love awaits an extension

  1. K.Love should be signed in aware of the years the team needs to make this move to be able to sign the others too.
    Talking about trades: If we can not trade for DeAndre Jordan and Harden we should have the team shown below.
    PG: Rubio
    SG: Mayo (Trade)
    SF: Williams
    PF: Love
    C: Anthony Davis (Trade to Draft or straight trade)
    Sixth Man: Webster (SG-SF)
    Second unit with big minutes :
    PG — SG: Barea
    PF — C: Randolph
    Prospects to give some minutes:
    PG — SG: Lee
    C: Meyers Leonard (Draft)
    O.J.Mayo trade value is low as it never was. The other two moves should be studied first to know how to make them. My heart would love to see Garnett again (FA) the next year but I am dreaming in a 99%.
    Please let me know what do you think.

  2. JP-

    I like it! I mentioned to a good friend of mine, big t-wolves fan as well, about possibly trading for OJ again and team him up with Love.

    BUT I think we need to package Beasley (tough for me to say, I am/was his biggest basketball fan), Ridnour and future picks for Kevin Martin, SG for Houston. He is a lights out shooter, young, but would be a vet on this team, having played 7 seasons already. And Im sure Kevin McHale will take a few more Wolves he once coached;) He already was given Jonny Flynn, ha!


  3. Matt:
    O.J.Mayo will be much better than Kevin Martin. The reason is simple: when Kevin Martin scores 30, his rival scores > 30. He plays no defense at all. If O.J.Mayo can restore his confidence to the one he had in his rookie year he is going to be a better overall player hands down. He also has all the tools to be an all-star. Rubio and Love will be making all their teammates have their work ethic.
    Players that we should make available to trade in order to get those players above (and the picks) are:
    Michael Beasley, Wayne Ellington, Wesley Johnson, Darko Milicic, Brad Miller, Nikola Pekovic, Luke Ridnour, Anthony Tolliver and our available picks (even if their are from the 2014 draft).
    I mentioned that I want Anthony Davis due to his high IQ. He knows where he needs to be and at what time. That´s the most important thing. Because after that it´s just work ethic to improve. He would be inmense playing with Love. I really trust he is the guy we need as center.
    I´m also impressed with Meyers Leonard. I don´t think he is going to be as good as Anthony Davis but if you can have him in the rotation he will develop in a great sub. If you can not add other pick to draft him or if we can not get him, I would go for Hassan Whiteside. He is too green yet but I think he will develop in a very good defensive stopper.
    If Minnesota makes those moves, Adelman should pay special atenttion to O.J.Mayo and Anthony Randolph shooting selection. We can not keep suffering as we do with Beasley and WJ. That crap must stop. I think this team would be a championship quality team within 3 or 4 years at the most. If all grow as expected and develop as expected.
    Please let me know what do you think of this.
    Regards from Argentina.

  4. JP-

    I think OJ would be a great addition to this team and a SG that can actually handle the ball. I still like Kevin Martin too, his upside is great, but your point of no defense has to be taken into account, especially if he would be coming to this team.

    As far as getting Anthony Davis.,…I think that will be nearly impossible, he is a top 5 draft pick and we have to give up our pick for this season. We do have the option to recieve Utah’s pick this year, but it cant be top 12. We would have to package something huge to get back into the top 5 to select Davis and Im not sure if its worth it.

    The wolves will be competitive only if Love signs! Thats number 1.

  5. There is absolutely no way we will be getting Anthony Davis unless we trade Kevin Love — and maybe not even then. We don’t have a first round pick this year. Or a second round pick for that matter higher than #55. (Look it up, it’s complicated.) Beasley might get us O.J. Mayo, but that is about it.

  6. Matt:
    I´m with you that our first MUST is to sign love. Hands down. He is our franchise player. (Still the three players that we MUST not deal as said before are Rubio, DWilliams and Love).
    Then we can think on how to bring Mayo. Even when I would love an straight trade I think it will be hard to see Memphis trading O.J.Mayo for Beasley unless Rudy Gay gets injured again. I hope both things happen.
    Regarding Anthony Davis it´s more a dream than something possible. Kahn has in a very crazy way some imagination and I trust he can do something really ukward to get a very high pick without dealing any of our core players.
    Which player would you have as center if you can not get him (and you also can´t get DeAndre Jordan)?

  7. Ryan:
    I think that we are just a SG and a C away from being a championship quality team even with years of experience in playoff needed.
    I think Beasley and a future second pick maybe (not more) can get us O.J.Mayo. With Rudy Gay injured or perhaps not and he plays as PF. That would be great.
    Then we have to move on to see Centers. Darko is certainly not the guy we want to protect the rim if we are heading to a playoff. Which player would you like to get at that position?

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