Kevin Love will rebound better than your favorite sumo wrestler

Pretty awesome episode of Sports Science showing the physiology of Kevin Love under the boards.

We watch him grab rebound after rebound every night, but it would probably behoove us to watch more of the action with him before he grabs the rebound than watching the ball. The amount of force and pressure his body must endure on nearly every rebound (that doesn’t even count the few boards he doesn’t grab) has to take a severe toll on his body.


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2 thoughts on “Kevin Love will rebound better than your favorite sumo wrestler

  1. That’s cool and all but is he going to be playing for us next year? Any updates on that contract extension or should I say lack thereof? I heard the 15th was the deadline given by his agent. Just hoping management might actually make a smart decision for 2nd or 3rd time ever.

  2. Nice vid….I was thinking the same thing regarding Love’s body of work under the boards while watching. I’m sure the banging takes it’s toll after a game let alone a season. I 2nd Brandon’s comment…after hearing about the 15th “deadline” proposed by his agent I haven’t heard anything else….

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