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Raw power, the Rubio edition

Wolves fans, you know as well as I do that this could all go away. These past years of nauseous disappointment have taught us that just when things are starting to look promising someone could, say, sign a backup power forward to a series of illegal under-the-table contracts and poison the whole party.

But right now everybody is crushed out on us and I think we should savor it. Check it out: David Thorpe and a bunch of other smart people think Ricky Rubio is the Association’s best rookie. Henry Abbott calls our Wolves the “League Pass team of the year.” Even The USA Today and The New York Times (the papers of record) are showing serious love. Never again will this team be so adored (especially if they continue to lose twice as often as they win).

Also, did you see this?

Do you see the look on Anthony Tolliver’s face? Isn’t it beautiful?

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