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In case you missed it during your post holiday haze, Derek Bodner provided us with an excellent breakdown of Ricky Rubio over at NBA Playbook. Focusing on zee Spaniard’s transition and pick n’ roll game so far this season, we see things that may have been missed during the first thirty YouTube replays. Those savants perceptive enough to grasp Rubio’s brilliance in real time will surely appreciate another look too.

Check it out.

Update: Our old friend Sebastian Pruiti is punching the clock for Grantland this year and today he unveiled his Rookie Rankings. To no one’s surprise, our favorite mop top is No.1. Take a detailed look at what we’ve previously discussed: Rubio’s unpredictability and efficiency as a passer is leading to easy scoring opportunities. 

Unfortunately, our true rookie, Derrick Williams, failed to make the list, but fret not. It’s going to be a long year of attention for our boys. Let’s soak it in.


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