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Kevin Love can haz 2nd All-Star selection?

According to sources of Marc Spears from Yahoo! Sports, Kevin Love will be named an All-Star reserve for the second time in his career.

Obviously, this isn’t official at all but Marc is a pretty darn good reporter and it’s pretty obvious that Love deserves to be on the West squad this season.

Get excited, Pups fans!

Update: This is now official. From the Wolves:

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love has been named to the 2012 Western Conference All-Star team, the National Basketball Association announced today…The honor is the second of Love’s career as he made his first appearance in last year’s game. Love is the second player in franchise history to make more than one All-Star Game appearance, joining Kevin Garnett (10 appearances). Tom Gugliotta, Wally Szczerbiak and Sam Cassell all made one appearance as a Timberwolves player. Love recorded two points and four rebounds in 12 minutes during the 2011 NBA All-Star Game at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

And here’s a rundown of the reserves for both conferences.

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0 thoughts on “Kevin Love can haz 2nd All-Star selection?

  1. Hey Zach!
    I’m a brazilian Wolves fan and while playing on the trade machine I came up wiyh that:


    Nets get Howard and W. Johnson
    Magic get Okur, Beasley, Randolph and Ridnour plus the Wolves Utah`s pick and 1 or 2 picks fron the Nets
    Wolves get Lopez, Morrow and Turkoglu

    I tryed and it works financially
    Do you think it could work well also on the court??

  2. Ricardo, I really don’t think Orlando would do this deal without getting Brook Lopez. And New Jersey would probably be all about keeping Morrow as a shooter to put next to D-Will and Dwight. But I definitely like the idea of the Wolves getting involved in this in some way.

  3. Orlando primary reason to do this trade is Brook Lopez. Therefore, Lopez is out of reach for us. Perhaps Morrow can be available if Marshon Brooks keeps growing and developing. If you want Morrow and you enter in the conversation you can have him.

  4. Just because Morrow burned us with 3s doesn’t mean he’s really good and we really would be so much better with him. He’s not and we wouldn’t be. He’s very inconsistent but can shine against teams that can’t guard the 3, like the wolves.

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