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  1. And that was a two game suspension in a full season. I think Love deserved a 1 game suspension, at most. People can disagree when they watch the replay, but Love just didn’t fall over to avoid stepping on a guy that had just flopped, yet again. He didn’t “stomp” on the guy, like people are saying. If a guy Kevin Love’s size stomps on you, everyone will know it.

    Still inappropriate, because if you can avoid stepping on a guy who fell to the floor, for whatever reason, you need to do it. And I certainly think he could have avoided it. I think a fine would have been more appropriate.

  2. Justified. And Im not talking about Justin Timberlake. Dont forget Love accidentally fell into Granger the game before that looked a little intentional to say the least. His constant complaining to the refs while the opposing team hauls butt down court and scores cuz Love is still at the other end crying with Adelman. 2 games will make sure Kevin keeps his cool when calls dont go his way, or his defender is playing physical with him. Man up Kev, your anger issues are starting to hurt the team!

  3. You don’t get suspended for crying to the refs about calls/noncalls you wanted. Love does too much of that, though, but I think that’s a separate issue to be addressed.

    I didn’t actually see the incident with Granger, but if I’m not mistaken, the refs gave Granger a technical foul, and Love nothing, and the league hasn’t indicated at any time that that was the incorrect call, right?

  4. A two game suspension is too harsh. Not that Love is completely innocent – I’m with Mike, he should have tried harder to avoid stepping on Scola – but he also definitely didn’t go out of his way to “stomp” on him. It looked more like he tripped (on Scola’s outstretched arms) and was just catching his balance. Some punishment is definitely justified, but even one game seems like too much to me.

    I am curious to see what Derrick does with his (presumably) increased PT though. A little more experience might be all he needs.

  5. Two games is pathetic. Ndamukong Suh was suspended two games, which is 1/8 of his season, for stomping much harder, but on a player’s stomach. Love went out of his way to step on Scola’s FACE. In a league where players get a game suspension for walking onto the court from off of the bench, I would think that more of a statement than 1/33 of the season would have been made by the league to seriously dissuade anybody else from thinking of stepping on somebody’s face.

    I think the weak two game suspension could be backed up by not including Love in this year’s All Star Weekend. Ovechkin pulled himself out of the NHL All Star weekend, during a three game suspension, for a hard body check, which has a place in hockey. I would argue that stepping on a face has no place in basketball.

  6. I don’t think he should’ve been suspended… maybe a fine, but it definitely didn’t look pre-meditated. He didn’t go out of his way to avoid or instigate. He has been a whiny bitch lately during games which is kind of annoying, but he’s a great interview and I still love watching him play.

    I’m excited to see what Derrick does at PF.
    (But not as excited as I am to see how Leezy does for the Skyforce)

  7. Don’t compare it to a different sport. What Suh did and the suspension he got is completely irrelevant. I think he should have gotten one game suspension but he got two. I don’t think it had anything to do with what happened between him and Granger either.

    He’s suspended so let’s stop emulating Love and whine about it, but let’s instead accept it and move on. I am hoping Caged Lion will get the start and a chance to show why he was the number 2 pick.

  8. Don’t forget the NBA Hornets own the T-Wolves 1st Rounder this year. A couple extra losses could make the difference of multiple slots in the draft with how compressed the records are going to look at the end of the year.

  9. I think two games is definitely justified. Even though I’m a complete homer, after seeing the video several times I can’t convince myself it was an accident. Believe me I’ve tried. In the heat of the moment we all do things or say things we never would otherwise, but we still have to take the consequences.

    Plus, this was a step to the face. They have to be harsh on that because if his foot lands differently that could be a concussion or broken nose or worse. That’s just not ok, whether K-Love got hit in the seeds a few days before or not. I think Adelman was right when he said it was a situation that escalated. If Love wants to be the leader he thinks he is, he’s got to be the bigger man and just play the game.

    On a separate note, he has been absolutely dominating so far this year but he still feels so disrespected. He whines about fouls nonstop and he’s been getting all chippy with Indiana and Houston. I wish he was just happy that this team is by far the best it has been in several years and could possibly get on a run and get in the playoffs this year. A lot of that is because of him. Hopefully the priorities get straightened out over the next few days and hopefully he comes back full force just wanting to win ball games and forget about feeling disrespected.

  10. Justified. Love needs to learn to control himself better. He gets away with an offensive foul then gets mad he doesn’t a foul so precedes to hack Scola and step on his face. Let’s not forget his actions in Indiana or how he’s been whining so much. Sure, he should be getting more calls but acting like this is not going to get it done.

  11. Let’s stop with this BS morality or lesson learning. Kevin Love isn’t anywhere near the top of the list of the NBA’s dirtiest players, and many of his complaints are justifiable (he should get back on D though). As long as he and Scola are okay, why should anyone else lecture him about this? These are adults; as long as he’s not endangering someone’s career (like Andrew Bynum has done multiple times), it mostly matters because the team won’t have him for 2 games. As for Indiana, Danny Granger flopped multiple times in that game and then had the gall to seek a fight after a chippy foul. The Pacers were playing chippily the entire game, and someone needed to rain on their fake-tough-guy act with some hard legal fouls.

  12. Kevin Love’s hard fouled are dangering people, how does stomping on someone’s face not threatening? Rather than take it out legally by scoring more or stopping Scola without a ridiculously hard foul which goes uncalled?

    As for the list of dirtiest players, none of them started at the top either. Just saying people start showing a pattern with their play it usually continues.

  13. Suspension should have been for 1 game at most IMO. Granted Love did step on Scola (not “stomp” and the comparisons to Suh are ridiculous). I think the refs are a little to blame for the chippiness getting out of control here. Scola is a bonefide flopper (which is annoying as all get out to watch, let alone play against) and the Indiana game prior to this one had so much mugging and, let’s just say, “non-consensual activities” I had the cell ready to call Emergency Call after watching the first quarter. It is what it is.

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