Michael Beasley shows out

The Wolves debuted this video the other night at the Target Center during the game against Philadelphia. It was during a timeout when this hit the jumbotron.

Everybody seemed to be enjoying the singing of the various Wolves players, ironically or not. Then it got to Beas’ part and it was the  awkward extended stay on him trying to figure out the lyrics that lured everybody’s attention to a heightened state. As he started to get into the flow of the song, I looked down at the players coming out of the huddle, some discussing strategy and some looking up at the scoreboard in awe of what Beasley was doing.

I panned my vision over to Beasley, who was busy trying to get assistant coach Jack Sikma to look up at the board to witness the show that was about to explode when Beas remembered the lyrics. Beasley was into it and the rest of the team was too. It was something that could have completely removed focus from Mike and what he needed to do coming out of the timeout. But instead, he seemed to have a little more pep in his step.

I was so enthralled with Beasley’s reaction to himself that I never saw the Pekovic part or knew it happened. That was a pleasant surprise.

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0 thoughts on “Michael Beasley shows out

  1. That was a really cool moment. He was getting some smack from the Sixers as he walked back up the floor after the TO, too. The way things are going, it may be the last we see of him soon.

  2. Honestly there will be nights we need Beas, I don’t want to give him up to the lakers or some other squad for cash and a second round pick. I really hope we don’t see the last of him this year, people rag on his attentiveness and all that but he’s our only player shooting an elite percentage from three, I say just pick up his option for next year if we feel he can still help, if not then let him walk. What are we going to do with a second round pick? Trade it for more cash to help Glen Taylor pay Kurt w/e he’s owed. Keep him around the rest of this year and see what happens.

  3. haha nice. there’s no sense trading beas for a second round pick.. and it won’t happen. But a combatant shooting guard I think you ought to do in a heartbeat. I don’t think Beasley has a ceiling as high as D-wills for how solid an overall player he can be, but he will still light it up on given nights.
    I’d rather watch Beasley go and hold onto Williams, but I’m starting to see that this team is capable without having to make a trade. I would have never said that at the start of the year when I expected and hoped to see Beasley gone after the first exhibition.

  4. I agree with Branden. Pick up his option. We are not going to get someone better with a late pick and some cash. I don’t think we should trade D-will either. This team is so young and it just started. Give it some time and see where we are at next year. We are not 1 or 2 peices from a championship. Right now we are lucky to make the playoffs.

  5. I would love to see him traded for a great player. I worked on this trade yesterday and it´s possible: Gerald Wallace for Beasley (expiring)-Wes J-Tolliver (expiring). We would get a veteran who can grab a lot of rebounds and give his 100% on the defensive end and will makes us better as a group in that part. He can be a leader for sure.
    I also review that we can make a deal for OJ Mayo giving them Luke Ridnour and Anthony Randolph.

    That leave us with Rubio-Barea…OJ Mayo-Ellignton-Lee…Wallace-Webster…Love-Williams…Pekovic-Milicic-Miller…

    It´s not that bad but after that we would need to improve the bench…

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