Overflowing with puppy breath and cinnamon

This happened in the win over the Rockets and it definitely deserves its own post. Can’t stop watching.

I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun watching a guy on this team.

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0 thoughts on “Overflowing with puppy breath and cinnamon

  1. WHAT?!? WHAT?!? He took one dribble to get control of a bad pass and in one fluid motion threw a perfect behind the back bounce pass with english on it that lead to an easy layup. I swear he has eyes in his ears because how in the world do you see that pass, much less execute it?

  2. After I saw this I went to the gym and played pick up. I tried to make a similar pass and failed miserably. I bet if I tried 500 times I would not get this right more than once.

    I played point for an international squad under 17 so I am not horrible.

    Truly a thing of beauty and it looked so effortless.

  3. That pass was straight up sic….he is so fun to watch. He makes it look so natural. The English on it alone is impressive and not only did he do it in a regular season NBA game but after grabbing an essential loose ball and making a play with it within a second. Just amazing/talented person. So glad we were patient with him.

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