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Puppy Breath and… Nutmeg?

In last night’s Rising Stars game, Ricky Rubio put on a passing display that had the internets a blazing.

He also went 5-hole against DeMarcus Cousins before finding Blake Griffin on the alley-oop.

Big ups to Derrick Williams for not trying to Greg Monroe the end of this play.

There was also this pass to a running and traveling Markieff Morris:

He caught Evan Turner looking too.

Overall, it was a pretty decent night of “basketball” in terms of highlights. John Wall’s dunks were ridiculous and Kyrie Irving somehow shot 130% on 3-point attempts. D Dub in the dunk contest tonight!

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  1. That’s cool and all JT that you comment on the blog routinely but if you are NOW just realizing Rubio is a tall 6’4″ Pointman, how can we expect to believe your comments have any validity? Sounds as if you’re one of the pundits who gets all info from ESPN/Fox Sports/*random sports show* and not actually watching any Wolves games……I’m just sayin’

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