Timberwolves stand still at deadline

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and the Wolves roster looks exactly the same as it did when we woke up this morning. The juiciest rumor had been a proposed three-team deal between the Lakers, Blazers and Wolves that would have sent Michael Beasley to L.A., Luke Ridnour to Portland (along with Steve Blake and LA’s first-rounder) and netted Jamal Crawford for the Wolves. But when we saw that the Lakers had used their picks to score Ramon Sessions and Jordan Hill, we had to know that the deal had to be dead.

Now, there’s no question that it might have been nice to see the Wolves improve the roster or net a pick by moving Beasley rather than allowing him to become a restricted free-agent this summer. And it would also have been nice to land Crawford, upgrading their offensive production at the two-guard. But to my mind, the price of that deal was a little high. First of all, while Beasley alone for Crawford might not have a been an exactly equal deal for Portland, Beasley and Ridnour together seems a bit much. Ridnour has actually been a more efficient, though considerably lower-volume, scorer than Crawford over the past three seasons.  He’s also a much better passer and defender, even when giving up multiple inches at the two.

Given that the Wolves claim to be pursuing a playoff spot this season, a starting backcourt of J.J. Barea and Jamal Crawford seems to be conspicuously lacking in an actual playmaker, someone who can consistently serve the ball to Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic. And even if it was a Crawford/Rubio pairing the Wolves were ultimately after, Crawford has an opt-out clause in his contract for next season. In other words, the Wolves would have been trading their only healthy true point guard for a high-volume gunner who wasn’t even guaranteed to be around past July.  Seems like they lucked out to me.

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0 thoughts on “Timberwolves stand still at deadline

  1. I am surprised that B-Easy didn’t attract more trade attention from around the league.  He’s 23 and if anything, I thought he improved his trade value with his play this season.  I’d like to see him start somewhere with a veteran team that could mature him.  That’s why I was really hoping the T-Wolves would have worked something out for Ray Allen.

    1.  @TimShannon How can he improve his trade value when he doesn’t get much PT. I think this season has proven to everyone what a headcase he really is. Adelman can’t play him cause he won’t do what he’s supposed to do. Yes, he’s 23 and has supposedly lots of potential and talent, but he doesn’t show it on the floor. He occasionally has a nice game but for a 2nd overall pick that is not enough. Not after having been a while in the league.

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