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Barea to everybody: please care

As I was, as you were, J.J. Barea was mightily displeased by his teammates’ second-half effort last night. Here is what he told reporters after the game (via Tom Powers at the Pioneer Press):

We’ve got problems here. We just got a lot of guys that don’t care. When a basketball team got a bunch of players that don’t care, it’s tough to win games. It’s going to happen until we get players in that care: care about winning, care about the team, care about the fans…

I’ve been noticing it. But today you can really notice it. It was a brutal second half. Nobody fighting, nobody getting mad at nobody. After a game like that you got to have problems. You got to argue with your teammates. But nobody cares so we’ve got to change that.

I have three thoughts about this. First: I’m guessing that this is probably the kind of talk that prompted Kevin Love to get all up in J.J.’s grill during their loss to the Kings.

Second: he’s totally right and you can’t really blame him for being frustrated. And it takes some real ballz to essentially call out loud for the dismissal of dudes who are literally sitting feet away from you at that very moment. You have to kind of admire that.

Third: I wonder who he’s talking about. Michael Beasley’s vacant performances seem to me less about a lack of caring and more about his flaky personality. It just seems really hard for the guy to find focus and absorption in what he’s doing. Anthony Randolph seems to possess some of Darko’s melancholia: when things aren’t going well his shoulders slump, he wanders around like a lost child, he looks sad in the face. And Wes Johnson? Wes just seems happy to be there. Suffice it to say, none of the above qualities make for terribly competitive basketball players.

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0 thoughts on “Barea to everybody: please care

  1. Regarding your second thought, I TOTALLY admire what Barea did in there. It does take balls to do that and I’m glad someone took initiative. He climbed up my respect-o-meter with that action and I believe he’s just saying what Adelman has been very shrewed in saying in post game interviews (just in a more P.C. fashion). I know Barea isn’t a quality starting point guard but he is essential with his bench play and attitude. I could do without the constant injuries however….

  2. I’m glad JJ did it because even though he has a limited role with the team when everyone is healthy, he was on a championship winning team last year. He knows the attitude that is neccessary to win it all. The players on the team should be looking to him for how to do the little things that matter when you may not have the most important role on the court. I think I’m more surprised by the fact that nobody has stepped up and proven they want to be more than a role/bench player on this team with all the top players hurt. This was a perfect opportunity for D Will and Beasley to make pushes towards being key players on this team in the future and they just haven’t done anything.

  3. It is sickening to see how little some players seem to care. I don’t know if they really don’t care but they have the body language of people who don’t care. It’s nice that Wes is happy, but to sit on the bench in a game you are losing that you could win and smile from ear to ear is not what I want to see. Big time clean out is needed with some winner’s minds coming in.

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