2012 Offseason

Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams: All-Rookie

It comes as no surprise that Ricky Rubio was named to the All-Rookie first team today. And that, despite his knee injury and despite Kenneth Faried’s late push into all of our hearts, Rubio came in second in the voting to ROY Kyrie Irving. Look deep inside your memory to the first half of this past season: Ricky Rubio was great. It was really fun.

Slightly more surprising, for me at least, was that Derrick Williams managed to slide onto the second team. Williams’ season seemed to me a bit too inconsistent and half-formed to be considered all anything. But when you peruse the list of Williams’ companions on the second team–Chandler Parsons, Tristan Thompson, Isaiah Thomas, MarShon Brooks–you realize two things. First, that this wasn’t the hottest year for rookies. Second, that our guy fits in there pretty well.

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