Small Market, Big Heart

As of right now, Timberwolves fans are really lucky.

Our team looks like it’s headed in the right direction, we have young talented stars with at least three years on each contract, loads of cap flexibility and an owner who seems willing to spend money to make the product better right now. In addition, the owner is apparently looking for an exit strategy that centers around finding someone who will keep the team in Minneapolis.

Not every fan base is that lucky.

For the past couple of years, the fans of the Sacramento Kings have been jerked around by their ownership. The Maloofs tried to sneak off in the middle of the night and take the team to Anaheim. When the NBA wouldn’t let them do that (or we can pretend they had a change of heart), the city of Sacramento put together an incredible effort behind the people at Here We Stay and mayor Kevin Johnson to get enough local support to make an arena deal a reality. When the NBA stepped in and negotiated what the Maloofs called “a fair deal,” it seemed like a new downtown arena would be built and another relocation disaster would be stopped.

Now the Maloofs are reneging on the deal and sabotaging whatever efforts are made to save the arena deal. James Ham from Cowbell Kingdom put together this documentary during the time when it looked like the Kings were out of town. I recommend you taking the hour and 21 minutes to watch this documentary. It’s wonderfully well done and after the local Vikings fiasco that has gone on recently, I think this is a market that can appreciate such extraordinary efforts.

Thank you and enjoy.

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  1. I’ll believe the team is headed in the right direction when I see it. We have 3 pieces: Love, Pek and Rubio with Rubio coming off a serious injury. I’m anxious to see what kind of free agent talent or trades can be made with Adelman having a say. The two guard position is paramount

  2. I just finished the vid…it was really good. I totally agree with the Vikings comparison. The Wilfs have said what made them pony up the extra $50 Million to secure the deal was the fans and the Kings documentary captured that spirit as well. My grandmother is from Sacramento and never shuts up about it…always going on about how great the people are and how “close” a lot of the community is in relevance to each other. I can’t stand the Kings on the court as a Timberwolves fan but I’m glad they are there and I hope the building gets built. The town deserves to keep the team…especially since Anaheim seems to be the dumping ground for sports teams. We in Minnesota should empathize with what might happen considering the Lakers are there (in relatively the same town).

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