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Rough Draft: Wolves worked out 12 more guys Friday

After Thursday’s first two rounds of workouts, the Wolves hosted 12 more players today while execs from all over the league visited the Target Center. As of right now, our beloved Wolves still have the 18th and the 58th picks in this upcoming draft.

First round of Friday workouts included:
Kim English, G, Missouri
Justin Hamilton, C, Louisiana State
Robbie Hummel, F, Purdue
Orlando Johnson, G, UC Santa Barbara
Julian Mavunga, F, Miami (Ohio)
Tony Mitchell, F, Alabama

Second session this morning was:
Marcus Denmon, G, Missouri
JaMychal Green, F, Alabama
Darius Johnson-Odom, G, Marquette
Kyle O’Quinn, F, Norfolk State
Robert Sacre, C, Gonzaga
Mike Scott, F, Virginia

Kim English, SG, Missouri, Draft Express ranked 55th, ESPN ranked 64th
Find a spot on the floor, tell Kim English to spot up and he’ll probably knock it down. He was a volume 3-point shooter during his four years at Missouri (over 4 attempts per game during his final three years) but shot up to a ridiculous 45.9% his senior year. He’s not much of an attacker off the dribble, struggles to find his shot when creating for himself, and isn’t a guy you can just isolate for a quick score. But his stroke from downtown is smooth and quick. He has a great release point and should be able to catch on somewhere as a specialist.

Justin Hamilton, C, Louisiana State, Draft Express ranked 68th, ESPN ranked 70th
Justin Hamilton is kind of a huge human being. He’s a 7-footer that weighs in at about 260+. He moves really well for his size and has a good touch from the free throw line. Despite his size, he’s not much of a banger. He gets pushed around quite a bit and struggles to hold position on both ends of the floor. If he could turn some of his mass into strength and muscle, it would compliment his touch around the basket really nicely. Normally, this guy would be another stiff but you can’t teach size. Should at least get him late second round consideration.

Robbie Hummel, SF, Purdue, Draft Express ranked 82nd, ESPN ranked 63rd
Hummel probably has to be a SF in the NBA or a stretch-4 with a great defensive center manning his help side. He can shoot and he can find plenty of ways to score. But can he hold up physically in the NBA? He’s not strong and he’s not particularly quick. He’s the type of guy that will have to be hidden defensively. And he’s torn his ACL multiple times over the last three years, which is a giant red flag. If he stays healthy, maybe he’s a role player off the bench that can stretch the floor. His knee probably scares everybody away and he’ll have to prove himself overseas or in Europe.

Orlando Johnson, SG, UC Santa Barbara, Draft Express ranked 29th, ESPN ranked 39th
Orlando Johnson is a little undersized for the NBA 2-guard position but he makes up for it with a great wingspan (almost 7 feet) and a strong frame. He’s kind of built like Eric Gordon and attacks similarly too. He can take you off the dribble and has NBA range with a good shooting stroke. What I love about his game is he can take guards into the post and use solid footwork and his strength to get whatever shot he wants. Because he can get to most of his spots on the floor, he doesn’t seem to have a shot filter. The gunner mentality may not sit well at the NBA level, but his ability might make him a great option off the bench.

Julian Mavunga, SF/PF, Miami (OH), Draft Express not ranked, ESPN not ranked
Mavunga isn’t ranked on any of the top 100 prospects, probably because he’s more of a tweener and the lesser of many 3/4 tweeners in this draft. His rebounding numbers his senior season started out strong but petered out over the last stretch of the season. He’s an extremely inconsistent scorer that probably doesn’t translate to the next level.

Tony Mitchell, SG/SF, Alabama, Draft Express ranked 72nd, ESPN ranked 62nd
There’s a little bit of Wes Johnson in Tony Mitchell as a prospect. He’s a high-flyer that should be able to attack the rim at will. He’s a trailer on breaks and a guy you can run an alley-oop play for. He’s malicious at the hoop. But to really be effective at the NBA level, he’s going to have to learn how to shoot the ball from outside. He’s not much of a creator and his outside jumper looks kind of broken. He’s also already going to be 23 years old by the time the season starts.

Marcus Denmon, SG, Missouri, Draft Express Ranked 60th, ESPN ranked 55th
Marcus Denmon is the size of a point guard in a shooting guard’s body. Over his last three years at Missouri, he’s improved as a volume scorer in every way, including efficiency. The problem with Denmon is he might not be good enough to be a shooting guard when he’s only 6’3″ and 190 lbs. He might need to be more of a combo/point guard at the NBA level and I’m not sure he’s displayed that kind of ability in his time at Missouri. It doesn’t mean he can’t figure it out. He’s a really talented player. He just has a big adjustment to make if he can’t get his shot off.

JaMychal Green, SF/PF, Alabama, Draft Express Ranked 44th, ESPN ranked 57th
Green is another tweener between the 3 and 4 position. He has incredible athleticism that allows him to rebound extremely well (over 10 per 40 minutes all four years at Alabama) and block shots (over 2 per 40 all four years). But what happens when he gets hit by more complicated offensive schemes, bigger players with more strength and at least the same athleticism? Can he stretch the floor out to 18 feet? Can he bang inside? Can he take a direct dribble to the basket and finish? A lot of questions face JaMychal right now.

Darius Johnson-Odom, PG/SG, Marquette, Draft Express ranked 47th, ESPN ranked 59th
DJO is another combo guard that is going to have to prove he’s comfortable running the point. He was a scorer and a shooter at Marquette, but now he has to show he’s a playmaker and a team guy. He’s lightning quick and very strong with the ball. He’s strong enough to body-up NBA shooting guards but his lack of height (maybe 6’2″ if he’s lucky) is going to leave him relatively defenseless against bigger guys. So can he turn himself into a point guard?

Kyle O’Quinn, PF/C, Norfolk State, Draft Express ranked 41st, ESPN ranked 35th
Kyle is one of those big men (6’10” and probably about 250) who has learned how to become a better rebounder and shot blocker during his time at Norfolk State. He sprung onto the scene during this year’s tournament when they upset Missouri. That could be either a really good thing for him or a bad thing. Maybe he’s just a one week wonder or maybe that was his chance to prove he belongs at the next level. I think you can implement him into a system and have him be a third or fourth big man in the rotation. You may just have to convince him to be a bit role player and not try to win you games.

Robert Sacre, C, Gonzaga, Draft Express ranked 81st, ESPN ranked 81st
Sacre is a legit 7-footer who plays really big. Shot blocker and rebounder like you’d want your big man to be. But he doesn’t really do anything else. He’s long and gets in the way but he’s not great about holding position. He’s pretty weak for someone his size, when comparing his prospects to other big men in the NBA, but that could change with a good trainer in the weight room. He won’t give you anything offensively.

Mike Scott, PF, Virginia, Draft Express ranked 56th, ESPN ranked 49th
Can’t really call him a tweener because I don’t think he has the ball-handling capabilities to put it on the floor and get a bucket. So Scott is going to end up being an undersized power forward that turns 24 during Las Vegas Summer League. That doesn’t leave much room for upside potential and that’s what GMs love to throw around in the war room. Mike Scott is a really incredible rebounder and someone that can stretch the floor with his jumper. He is strong inside and will make free throws if sent to the line.

I’ll have thoughts about both days of workouts and what the prospects mean for the Wolves coming this weekend.

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  1. Marcus Denmon would be great to get in the second. Incredibly efficient and smart, his ability to get into the lane and finish is outstanding and really plays to how the NBA operates right now

  2. The one and only target that the wolves should have their sights on is signing the restricted free agent Eric Gordon. A scorer and potential multiple all star is exactly the boost the wolves need. Find a way and get it done!

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