Rumors! The Wolves pursue Pau

The AP reports (via

The Minnesota Timberwolves are trying hard to land Pau Gasol. If they have to part with the highest draft choice in franchise history after just one season, the Wolves appear ready to do it. That much became clear leading up to the NBA draft on Thursday night, when Minnesota offered Derrick Williams in hopes of landing the second pick from the Charlotte Bobcats to help get Gasol from the Los Angeles Lakers, two people with knowledge of the discussions told The Associated Press.

Teaming Gasol with Ricky Rubio has long been a dream of David Kahn’s–and evidently the Wolves are still looking to make a deal to land the big Spaniard. I have no doubt that a Gasol-Love frontcourt as coached by Rick Adelman is a nice idea. But I wonder: does giving up on the second pick in the draft in exchange for a 32-year-old star smack of impatience? After all how old, and how effective, will Gasol be when Rubio reaches his prime?


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  1. I know Kahn wouldn’t think of this, but what are your thoughts on the possibilty of flipping Gasol after a trade for him to Houston who is dying for a good big. Trade Gasol to Houston for Martin, Jeremy Lamb and a protected future first round pick. Martin would be a decent placeholder for Lamb to adjust to the NBA, we hopefully get our SG of the future in Lamb and the future pick could turn into something. I know it would cost us D Will and assets to LA, but we get a hole plugged at the 2 and can use the cap space to find a few backup bigs.

  2. It´s such a horrible trade. Derrick Williams is 11 years younger. I can´t believe they are trying to get him. He has 3 years left at the most. KAHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGN A STARTING SHOOTING GUARD AND BENCH!!! STOP THE NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I dont get this Gasol hype. He is a good player. Not great. Good. He is old and the wear and tear is gonna show this year. Where would he fit on the team? Id take Pek over Gas at center any day and Love over Gas at PF any day. I feel we got our starting lineup already. Rubio, Budinger, Williams, Love, and Pek. Im comfortable with that as long as the Wolves sign some depth. Keep Gasol out of MINNNNNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I disagree with you all- Having Pau as part of a 3 man rotation in the frontcourt benefits us much more over the next 2 seasons than Williams can. In the event that either Pek or Love gets injured, we have a former All star to put in at either spot.

    I am not arguing weather or not Williams is a better player than Pau (or will be). He might be better right now, but we cannot shoehorn him into the rotation for more than 20 minutes a night. On the Other hand, Pau could get 30 minutes a night- 38-40 minutes for Love, 28-32- for Pek, 28-32 for Pau.

    In addition, Pau comes off the cap in 2 years, and gives us one last shot to team a hefty contract with LoveRubio before Rubio needs re-signed.

    The reality of the situation is that Williams will never be re-signed by Minnesota. If he is as good as everyone thinks he is, we simply could not afford to spend that money duplicating a position with a superior young player already starting there. So any way you look at it, Williams is gone some time in the next 3 years. I think an all star quality PFC is a good get for him, and I think it would add victories to the team for the next 2 seasons to acquire him. I admit that it would then suck to watch Williams in a Lakers Jersey for the following 9 years.

  5. Williams is going to play the 3 or he isn’t going to be on this team. IF he proves he can be a quality 3 then he stays, if not we trade him. Simple as that.

  6. I agree with Nate. Williams always looked like trade bait to me from the day he was drafted and with Pau and a couple more pieces the Wolves could win 50 games next year. One lockout shortened year isn’t much to grade a guy on but look at Flynn, Wes, Beasley and Randolph . . . sometimes hanging on to a young prospect one season too long is the difference between getting big value back and trading him for peanuts or renouncing his rights. I wouldn’t get too attached to Williams, he is a luxury and a gamble, small market teams like the T-Wolves can afford guys who are one or the other, but not both.

  7. Bullsh1t. that will never happen because the Wolves have nothing short of Kevin Love to offer the Lakers. Plus, the Lakers just signed Steve Nash so, the Lakers are fixated on keeping that core of Kobe, Pau and Drew together.

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