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What to expect from the 2012 NBA Draft?

That’s a good question.

With the Wolves now in possession of a competent wing player and the 58th pick, there really isn’t much commotion on the surface of our draft waters. We can assume that the feet are paddling furiously beneath the surface, but as of right now everything seems calm. What are the options that sit at the Wolves fingertips?

  • The team could do nothing, try to grab a guy with a decent chance of making the roster with the 58th pick and prepare for the qualifying offer deadline that is June 30th.
  • The team could trade up in the second round (Wes Johnson, anybody?) and try to grab a coveted big man like Miles Plumlee. Team is big on Plumlee and it doesn’t look like there’s a chance of him lasting 58 picks. I know most people are underwhelmed by him and you probably should be. But he is an imposing figure, athletic as all get-out (as the kids say) and could maybe be a decent fourth big man in the rotation.
  •  The team could trade Derrick Williams and try to grab someone in the first round. What’s kind of crazy is D Dub’s value seems pretty low after a mediocre rookie season. If he were going in this draft and hadn’t played in the NBA yet, he’d be a lock for the second pick. The news yesterday that Derrick has lost roughly 12 pounds so far this off-season and is looking to get down to 225 bodes well for trying to maximize his ability with this team. If the Wolves tried to trade him to get into the Top 5, they’d probably be laughed off the phone lines. Personally, unless we’re getting a good wing veteran in return, I’d like to see what Derrick Williams 2.0 can do for this team with a full training camp.
  • (Obligatory point guard joke that isn’t made by anybody but people who haven’t paid attention to the team since Draft Night 2009 and have no idea the Wolves didn’t select Ty Lawson but that Denver did)
  • Targuy Ngombo 2: Electric Boogaloo

There is a list of second round picks that I’d love the Wolves to be able to pluck. Kim English is the top of my list because I think he’d be a great addition to this locker room and to the attack of the Wolves. But he’s projected to go near the beginning of the second round and the Wolves may not have the enticing pieces to move up 25-ish spots in the second round. When the Wolves seemed to not be working out many prospects in the weeks leading up to the draft, I assumed tonight would be kind of insane for us. With the Budinger trade, that Draft Night storm seems to have quelled itself.

Ultimately, it might be a really quiet evening here in the Twin Cities. And I’d be fine with that. I like where this team is (assuming Ricky comes back healthy) moving forward and I think the flexibility of the roster and cap space can be used properly this off-season to help the team greatly improved, depending on which guy is really making the moves (Team Rick).

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0 thoughts on “What to expect from the 2012 NBA Draft?

  1. If Kahn is worth a crap, he’ll sweeten the pot with Charlotte, and turn the potential Harden for the No. 2 pick into a three team deal to ditch D-Will, a future first, our second and get harden here so we have a solid starting five and a young core to build around.

    The deal would look like this:
    OKC: the No. 2 (Beal), and a filler player from us
    Charlotte: D-Will, No. 28, No.58, Possibly a future first rounder (Adelman has expressed little interest in rookies)
    MN: Harden, filler player most likely.

    Charlotte most likely doesn’t want to sign Harden to a deal, and aren’t even guaranteed he’d want to stay there. Harden knows K-Love and we’ll want revenge on OKC. What better place than MN?

    The thing I’m worried about right now is that we’re shopping D-Will, and I’m afraid Kahn is going to trade him for less than he’s actually worth. He’ll be a quality player in the league as either a quality starter or a great third big man on a good team. We can’t sell low on this one. If we trade the former No. 2 pick it needs to be a deal that’ll justify the selection.

  2. Now, now… the field wasn’t that great this year from where we were at. Plus, I don’t think he can make a deal like that work Braden. Just sit back and let’s see how D-Will does. Actually, I hope we suck one more year so we can get into the lottery even though the draft is awful next year, which they say every year.

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