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Alexey Shved… welcome to the Wolves!

He has so many arms!*

This morning, we had this tweet from @sportsruenglish, a Russian sports website saying that Alexey Shved was going to become a member of the Wolves:

Then, I sent out our field reporter Andrew Renschen (@infraren) retroactively (or you know… he was tweeting with the agent of Shved on his own before a lot of this even broke… believe whichever version you’d like) to see if he could extract any information from Shved’s agent Obrad Fimic. 


That twitpic of Shved is sitting just outside the Target Center. And our friend Jon Krawczynski from the Associated Press confirmed that Alexey Shved will sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The announcement of the deal has to wait until the Nicolas Batum madness is over when Portland decides to match or not match the deal, and whether or not a sign-and-trade will happen. The Wolves presumably have to clear a contract to get this done if Batum is coming to the team.

Terms of Shved’s deal aren’t known yet. They could be using the “Room Mid-Level exception” (the MLE available to teams under the salary cap) but that would only allow for a two-year, $5 million deal to be made. It’s probable that Shved’s contract is more in the three-year, $9-12 million range, which means somebody has to go. Shved is a guard with the ability to play both the 1 and 2,  so maybe it makes Luke Ridnour expendable if he has to be moved to another team or included in the sign-and-trade for Batum that could happen.

Regardless, the Wolves are adding a guy that can definitely team up with Rubio and any guard the Wolves employ in the backcourt. He’s a very good shooter with the ability pass the ball at a high level. He’s pretty long for his 6’5″ frame and has really good athleticism. The knock on him is he’s not exactly very strong, so defending shooting guards at the NBA level will be a chore until he’s able to get stronger. He’s just 23 years old and has really shined in international play over the past couple years. He’s also a bit quirky, sometimes showing some weird mannerisms and facial expressions on the court.

This isn’t a move that puts the Wolves over the top but another incremental step toward having competent players at every position.

Here’s the latest highlights from Shved during the Olympic qualifier tournament this past week.


* – Alexey Shved may or may not have eight arms. 

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0 thoughts on “Alexey Shved… welcome to the Wolves!

  1. Calm down. I meant to change it and just forgot. For the record, he’s going to play both the 2 and 3 so it doesn’t really matter. Positions are pretty archaic, especially in Adelman’s system.

  2. Ben you obviously dont know much about Budinger and how crazy athletic he is. I see Adelman trying out Budinger at the 2 spot first. If Wes Johnson can play the 2, Budinger most certainly can as well. So, with that being said I think the lineup will go as follows: (If we dont get Batum)


    I am pretty comfortable with that. Adelman has the ability now to mix it up too. Looking forward to the season!

  3. @ Ben, Coach A uses a system with wings it doesn’t matter if the players is a 2 or 3 meaning you could see to small forward on the floor with 1 pg, pf and center… Now your coaching staff dude!

  4. Watched several CSKA games this year. It’s impressive that a 23 year old could even crack that rotation; young guys really have to earn it there, and that was a loaded team.

    He can really play. Tons of flair, creative, crafty with the dribble. Another ball handler (thank the gods). Can help at the point if Rubio misses time, and play the 2.

  5. @ Zach Harper can we get more love for the Wolves, I mean we have the modern day Larry bird in K.Love or The Great White Hope of Greatness = TGWHG, Rubio, Pec, Alexey & Coach A ( A top 3 coach if Phil Jac was never born). Talk about the High Level of Basketball IQ this team has which will be 2nd to the Spurs… Besides that your 100x better than Tom Powers and Jim great job! Maybe Around the Horn in your future GO Wolves Nation!!!!!!

  6. That clip real had more highlights from one game than we had from our shooting guards all year. Sorry, but it’s true. Of course it helps that we didn’t have a real shooting guard last year. Love the move. Bye, Luke.

  7. Terrein, love your enthusiasm, but I think you are slightly over selling the Wolves.

    1.)Larry Bird was a transcendant passer- a savant who may have been the best passer EVER. Kevin is not a passer, nor is he the defender Bird was early in his career. (later, Bird was a horrific defender after his back took over) I actually don’t think there is a historical comparison fir Love. I can’t think of a guy who rebounded like Moses, but shot like Bird. Not a bad problem for us Wolves fans to have…

    2.) I love the coach, but you have to win a championship to be a top 3 coach. I wouldn’t want to fire Adelman for anybody right now, as I think he is the proper coach for this team, but you have to win a title to be called one of the best.

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